Friday, March 18, 2022

Generating master data for Time Characteristics

There is a handful of so-called virtual or fixed system infoobjects that do not really have a data stored persistently in database. Instead, those data is generated on the fly in a memory. There can be several issues with such a characteristics. Mostly some time/calendar/date entries can be missing in case of IOs like 0FISCPER, 0CALMONTH, 0FISCPER, 0DATE etc. That normally means that master data for the particular characteristics is missing. In addition, entries cannot be seen in reporting or in F4 values. While running the reports.

Normally the master data need to be maintained but as those characteristics are virtual, it can’t be maintained via master data app in BW/4 cockpit (in BW/4) or in the master data maintenance web (in case BW 7.4 and higher) or via t-code RSD1 (alternatively via FM RSDMD_MDMT) in older releases of classic BW.

Just a side note; running above mentioned FM for 0CALYEAR would end up with a message: says: RSDMD 172 No master data maintenance possible for characteristic 0CALYEAR.

Therefore, there is a t-code RSRHIERARCHYVIRT (ABAP prog SAPLRSR_HIERARCHY_VIRT) for that. It is also available in BW’s customizing via following paths in SPRO t-code:

Classic BW or SAP Netweaver based BW systems: SAP Netweaver -> SAP Business Information Warehouse -> Report-Relevant settings -> General report settings for Business Explorer -> Set F4 help and Hierarchies for Time chars / OLAP settings

SAP BW4/HANA based BW systems: -BW4/HANA Customizing -> SAP BW4/HANA -> Analysis -> Set F4 Help and Hierarchies for Time Characteristics/OLAP Settings


The t-code RSRHIERARCHYVIRT allows create some general OLAP settings for time characteristics and generate the data/hierarchies itself. Complete rebuild of the data can be achieved by button “Execute Recreate” placed on General Settings tab”. The button technically calls a method REBUILD_TIME_MD_TABLES of an ABAP class CL_RS_TIME_SERVICE.

Further checks that can be performed in case you face issues with TIME related characteristics are following:

ABAP Report RSD_TIME_TCT_MREADCLASS_CHECK – it checks what is the master data class that is used to read characteristic's master data.


t-code RSRV -> Tests in Transaction RSRV ->All Elementary Tests -> Transaction Data -> Consistency of time dimension for InfoCube.


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