Thursday, September 27, 2012

Checking BW’s BEx variables

While your SAP BW system is evolving over the years number of BEx’s variables is growing.  With new version of there are coming even new types of those variables or existing types are being enhanced.  Table (RSZGLOBV) which stores all the variables became huge. Even some entries in there become not up-to-date as rules for certain variables have changed. To keep this table consistent SAP introduced ABAP report. It is called SAP_GLOBV_CHECK. Basically it scans RSZGLOBV table; finds inconsistencies with variable rules and even corrects such entries. The report is available as of SP 26 for BW 7.0 and respective versions.

For detailed info on the report see following SAP Note:

Monday, September 10, 2012

How to create cell definitions in BEx report?

Cell definition is functionality available in BEx Query Designer tool which allows you to address every cell of your Bex report in particular. By this you can uniquely define content of each cell. 

You may face a situation when you want to create cell definition in your BEx report but icon of cell definition is not appearing. First of all there is a prerequisite for cell definitions. It is that you must have a two structure in your report. One structure would be in row and other in columns. By intersection of those two structures you address every each cell.

While you have two structures ready in your report then icon of cell definitions on BE’x toolbar is available:

If you click on that icon you get into new tab strip in BEx Query Designer where you can design your cells:

Useful links:

PS: I recently had to use query with cell definition as a source of data for BusinessObjects WebI report. I was curious either this feature is even supported by WebI. My version of WebI was based in BOE 4.0 edition. According WebI user guide there are a lot of limitation on BEx queries while being used in WebI. E.g. Number of objects allowed in a query = Do not use more than 50 objects in a BEx query, otherwise an error occurs. Anyway my quite huge and heavy query with approximately 250 defined cells worked in WebI.