Tuesday, October 1, 2019

BW web applications: popup blocker activated

While using BEx web application like web reporting either ABAP or JAVA based user may encounter following massage displayed in web page:

A popup blocker is activated for URL 'http(s)://domain:’.
This prevents distributed session management (DSM) from functioning correctly.
The application will be closed. SAP Note 919196
Deactivate the popup blocker and restart the application.

This means that session management that manages user sessions of the BEx web app between client (web browser) and backend SAP system (BW) experienced issues. In most cases system tried to open a new popup window where some part of logic (e.g. logoff) was supposed to take place. However in case there is blocker enabled in the web server of the client it prevented the new popup to be opened and consequently that part of the logic wasn’t executed thus it all resulted in such a situation.
A quick win solution is either to deactivate the blocker or to put a domain of the SAP server to while list in the blocker. After implementing, one of the suggestion above and restarting the web browser the issue should disappear.
In addition, it is worth to point out that above-mentioned message can be disabled adding parameter "RSWR_CHECK_POPUP_BLOCKER" with the value "FALSE into RSADMIN table.

More information:
919196 - Dialog box blocker and Java/ABAP BEx Web applications
2405012 - BEx Web 7.3+: Disable Popup blocker message