Tuesday, August 27, 2013

What is SAP HANA Live?

SAP HANA Live (formerly SAP HANA Analytics Foundation or SHAF or SAP HANA ANALY) is solution for operational real-time reporting on HANA. HANA Live tries to bridge the gap of having operational reporting on top of OLTP system. Kind of to replace operational DWH as we know it. What you get once you install HANA LINE on top of SAP ECC/RRP is a suite of SQL views which spans across majority of ECC modules (FI, CO, MM, PP, SD, PS, CRM, GTS, AM and GRC). They are SAP delivered SAP HANA calculation views for real-time operational of following categories: different categories:

1. Query Views - for end users for their reporting needs
2. Re-use Views - for customers to have a kind of templates on which they can base their own query views
3. Private Views - cannot be changed, forms a kind of abstraction layer for the DB tables and help SAP to keep the re-use views valid even if a database table might change. For using the query views, customers have a variety of options as they can chose from actually any BI client that offers an SQL interface. Obviously, we recommend using SAP's own BI clients like Analysis for Office, Crystal Reports or the brand new Visual Intelligence.

Currently there are 2000+ HANA virtual data model views. So technically deployment of HANA Live involves:
1. Deployment of above mentioned SQL views into your HANA system
2. Setting up SAP Landscape Transformation Replication Server to replicate data from ECC to HANA
3. Using BI client (SAP BO (e.g. SAP BO Dashboards, SAP BO Explorer, SAP BO Analysis edition for Microsoft Office, SAP Crystal Reports Enterprise), or SAP Lumira).

In addition there are apps on top of HANA Live. Basically they are HANA apps with its own UI. E.g. “SAP Invoice and Goods Receipt Reconciliation”, “SAP Supply Chain Info Center”, “SAP Working Capital Analytics”.
Product was for 1st time released on December 2012. As of August 13th 2013 SAP HANA Live is in Generally Availability (GA).

HANA live has currently following components:
SAP HANA Live Tools
          SAP HANA Live Browser
          SAP HANA Live Authorization Assistant
SAP HANA Live for EHP4 for SAP ERP
SAP HANA Live for SAP solutions for GRC
SAP HANA Live for Policy Management

With now having HANA Live, is it another step (after HANA as itself) to get rid of BW? According SAP it is not. They advise to you both solutions for different purpose:

- Operational Reporting - can eliminate Operational Data Stores thus redundancy and latency
- Untransformed data (no business rules applied) – no persistence of transformations, original transaction data are used: no aggregates, no replication
- Possible replacement for SE16/SE16N, Report Designer ABAP reports, SAP query (SQVI – QuickViewer) and other native ERP Legacy reporting tools.

- Analytical Reporting
- Enterprise Data Warehousing capability (time dependent master data, hierarchies, etc.)
- Information Lifecyle Management - Retention of Data, archiving, near line storage
- Business Rules applied to the data before persisting them
- Enterprise Information (Data) Management - Harmonization and consolidation of data from multiple sources

For further information refer to following sources:
1778607 - SAP HANA Live for SAP Business Suite
1846294 - Rapid deployment of analytics with SAP HANA Live
help.sap.com/hba - SAP HANA Live for SAP Business Suite 1.0
saphana.com/docs/DOC-2923 - comprehensive source of resources on HANA Live