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Fixed System InfoObjects

With SAP BW system there are few fixed system InfoObjects or so called special BW InfoObject or technical characteristics. These serve as technical infrastructure for BW inner technologies. From functional perspective, these objects cannot be adjusted, as it is a normal case of the objects delivered from Business Content. These objects usually represents master data objects. Normally the master data and texts are returned by ABAP classes.

Meta data (e.g. View of master data tables, Text table (of a character.), Data element (semantic domain), Domain name, Conversion Routine, Number of the number range object of a characteristic, Name of a Search Help, Short Text Field in the Text Table of a Characteristic, Medium-Length Text Field in Text Table of a Characteristic, Long Text Field in the Text Table of a Characteristic, Language Field in Special Text Table of a Special Char., Flag: Text Table is Client-Specific, Special Char: IOBJ Field Name in Special Master Table, Special Check Table is Client-Specific) of delivered fixed system InfoObjects is stored in table RSDIOBJFIX (Delivered Fixed System InfoObjects).

Here’s a list of the delivered fixed system InfoObjects in the BW systems as seen in BW/4 2.0:

0ACTUALDATA         Currentness of Data

0ACTUALDATV         Currentness of Data

0ALEAFNODCH         Changeable Display for Generated Leaves

0ALEAFNODSP         Do Not Display Leaves for Inner-Nodes in the Query

0ARCHDOBJID         Data Object in Archiving Request

0ARCHDPAKID         Data Package in Archiving Request

0ARCHRECNO           Data Record Number in Archiving Data Package


0BOOL                    Truth Value

0BUCKET                 Directory of Precalculated Value Sets


0CALDAY                 Calendar Day

0CALMONTH            Calendar Year/Month

0CALMONTH2           Calendar month

0CALQUART1           Quarter

0CALQUARTER         Calendar Year/Quarter

0CALWEEK              Calendar Year/Week

0CALYEAR               Calendar Year







0CHILDID                ID of First Lower-Level Node

0CHNGID                Change Run ID

0CLIENT                  Client

0CURRENCY             Currency key

0DATAPAKID           Data Package

0DATE Date

0DATEFROM            Valid From

0DATETO                Valid To

0DOCAPPL               Document Store

0DOCID                   Document Document ID

0DOCTAG                Document Tag


0FACTCOUNT           Data Record Counter (is not allowed to be used)

0FISCPER                Fiscal year / period

0FISCPER3              Posting period

0FISCVARNT            Fiscal year variant

0FISCYEAR              Fiscal year



0HALFYEAR1            Halfyear

0HIENM                   Hierarchy Name

0HIER_HIEID           Internal hierarchy ID

0HIER_NODE           Hierarchy Node(s)

0HIER_VERS            Hierarchy version

0H_ALEAFNOC         Display for Generated Leaves Cannot Be Changed

0H_CHILDID            Technical ID of First Child Hierarchy Node

0H_HIENM               Technical Name of Hierarchy

0H_HIERNODE         Name of Text Node

0H_INTERVL            Interval Indicator for Hierarchy Node

0H_IOBJNM             Characteristic for Hierarchies

0H_LEAFNOD           Do Not Display Inner Nodes

0H_LINK                 Link Indicator for a Hierarchy Node

0H_NEXTID             Technical ID of Same-Level Hierarchy Node

0H_NODEID             Technical Node ID of Node in Hierarchy

0H_NODEPOS           Position of Nodes Relative to Leaves

0H_NORESTNO        Display Assigned Nodes Only

0H_PARENTID           Technical ID of Higher-Level Hierarchy Node

0H_SIGNCH             Reverse Sign for Hierarchy Nodes

0H_STARTLEV           Level to which you want to drilldown the hierarchy

0H_TIMESTMP         Change Time Stamp: Hierarchies for Direct Access

0H_TLEVEL              Level of a Hierarchy Node

0H_VERSION           Hierarchy Version

0INFOPROV             InfoProvider

0INTVAL                  Indicator showing whether node is an interval

0IOBJNM                 InfoObject

0LANGU                  Language key

0LEAFFROM             From-Value of an Interval Node

0LEAFTO                 To-Value of an Interval Node

0LINK                     Link Indicator for a Link Node

0LOGSYS                 Source System

0NEARLINE              Near-Line Storage

0NEXTID                 ID of Next Same-Level Node with Same Higher-Level Node

0NODECHAVL           Characteristic Value of a Hierarchy Node

0NODEID                 Technical ID of a Node in a Hierarchy

0NODEPOSIT           Positions of the nodes in reference to their leaves

0NORESTNODE        Suppression of unassigned nodes

0NUMDAY                Number of Days

0NUMWDAY             Number of Workdays

0OBJECTID              Object Identification in Segments

0PARENTID             Technical Node ID of the Higher-Level Node

0RATE_TYPE            Exchange Rate Type

0RECORD                Data Record Number

0RECORDMODE        BW Delta Process: Update Mode

0RECORDTP             Record type

0REQPLAN               Request ID in Buffer (Planning)

0REQTSN                Request Transaction Sequence Number

0REQUEST               Request GUID

0REQUID                 Request ID

0REQ_CDATE           Date Request was Created

0REQ_LDATE           Date Request was Loaded

0RSPL_CREA           Create combinations

0RSPL_CTTNM         Currency Translation Type

0RSPL_DISEP           Epsilon for Error Behavior: Reference Total

0RSPL_DISFA           Distribution key

0RSPL_DISST           Distribute All or Non Assigned

0RSPL_DISTP           Top Down or Explicit Distribution

0RSPL_DOBJC          Data Object Column (old SF)

0RSPL_FCAL            Smoothing Factor Base Value (Alpha)

0RSPL_FCALF           Lower Limit Alpha

0RSPL_FCALS           Stepsize Alpha

0RSPL_FCALT           Upper Limit Alpha

0RSPL_FCBE            Smoothing Factor Trend Value (Beta)

0RSPL_FCBEF           Lower Limit Beta

0RSPL_FCBES           Stepsize Beta

0RSPL_FCBET           Upper Limit Beta

0RSPL_FCDMP         Trend Dampening Factor

0RSPL_FCGA           Smoothing Factor Gamma (Seasonal Component)

0RSPL_FCGAF           Lower Limit Gamma

0RSPL_FCGAS         Stepsize Gamma

0RSPL_FCGAT           Upper Limit Gamma

0RSPL_FCLOG          Log Statistical Key Figures

0RSPL_FCORD         Order of Moving Average

0RSPL_FCPER           Number of Periods per Season

0RSPL_FCSIG           Sigma Factor

0RSPL_FCSPO           Sporadic Forecast

0RSPL_FCTDM         Trend Dampening

0RSPL_FCWHT         Weighting factor

0RSPL_FCZR            Ignore Initial Zeros

0RSPL_FLINE           Formula Line

0RSPL_FSEQN         Sequence Number for Formula Lines

0RSPL_HDLN           Header Line

0RSPL_IOBJ            InfoProvider Column




0RSPL_REVAL           Revaluation Factor


0RSPL_ROUND         Rounding to Next Unit

0RSPL_SEQNR         Sequence Number

0RSPL_SFAC            Same Factor for All Key Figures



0RSPL_START           Start Line in File


0RSPL_UOMNM        Quantity Conversion Type

0RSPL_VALUE Key     Figure Value

0RTYPE                   Exchange Rate Type

0RTYPE2                 Exchange Rate Type

0SIGNCH                 Reverse +/- Signs

0SOURSYSTEM        Source system ID

0STARTLEVEL           Start-Drilldown Level in the Query Display

0SWITCH                Switch

0TCAACTVT             Activity in Analysis Authorizations

0TCAIPROV             Authorizations for InfoProvider

0TCAKYFNM             Key Figure in Analysis Authorizations

0TCAVALID              Validity of an Authorization

0TCTIOBJVAL           Characteristic value

0TCTMDXFC             MDX Functions

0TIME Time

0TLEVEL                  Level of a Hierarchy Node

0TXTLG                   Long description

0TXTMD                  Medium description

0TXTSH                   Short description

0TXTXL                   Extra long description

0UNIT                     Unit of measure

0UOMN1                  Quantity - Denominator

0UOMN1D                Quantity - Denominator

0UOMN1F                Quantity - Denominator

0UOMZ1                  Quantity - Counter

0UOMZ1D                Quantity - Counter

0UOMZ1F                Quantity - Counter

0WEEKDAY1            Weekday


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