Saturday, September 26, 2009

Runtime analyses of webdynpro for ABAP

Need to tune up your webdynpro for ABAP (WD4A) development e.g. for performance? ABAP programmers are usually familiar with TA SE30 – ABAP Runtime Analyses. There is a possibility to use this TA for WD4A as well. It is just little bit tricky how to set it up.

1.    In TA SE80 browse for your WD4A object.
2.    Select menu Goto->HTTP Service maintenance; this leads you to TA SICF.


3.    Select service node belonging to your webdynpro; choose menu: Edit->Runtime Analyses


4.    On next popup windows make settings and Activate it.


5.    Start your webdynpro and perform all activities within it that you want to.
6.    To see analyses go to TA SE30 – ABAP Runtime Analyses and see section Performance Data File/Other file.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Business Add-In (BAdI) used in BI

Following BAdI are present in BW system:
BAdI: Customer-defined Functions in Formula Builde
BAdI: Documents
BAdI: InfoSpoke with Transformation
BAdI: Maintenance of Text Documents in the Web
BAdI: Virtual Characteristics and Key Figures in Reporting
BAdI: Web Item "Individual Document"
BAdI: Web Item "List of Documents"
BAdIs for Document Management
You can access them via customizing TA SPRO:

- update as of 23/03/2013 –
With the newer versions of BW e.g. 7.3 SP08 there are more BADIs available:

BAdI: Virtual Characteristics and Key Figures in Reporting
BAdI: Own Report Type as Recipient (Jump Target)
BAdI: dynamic determination of jump targets at runtime
BAdI: Customer-defined Functions in Formula Builder
BAdI: Virtual Authorizations
BAdI: Enhancement for InfoObjects
BAdIs for Document Management
BAdIs for Document Management
BAdI: Web Item "Individual Document"
BAdI: Web Item "List of Documents"
BAdI: Maintenance of Text Documents in the Web
BAdI: BW Transport
BAdI: Restricting the Value Help in the Variables Screen
BAdI: Partitioning of a semantically partitioned object

- Update as of 24/03/2013 –
BAdi used in ECC source system to enhance extraction for BW’s data sources is following:

RSU5_SAPI_BADI - BW Service APIs with Business Add-Ins

It has following two methods to include business logic for extraction enhancing:

DATA_TRANSFORM   Business Add-Ins Method for General Data Transfer
HIER_TRANSFORM    Business Add-Ins Method for Hierarchy Data Transfer

SCN guides to implement the BAdi:

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Remote ABAP Debugging and more

You have possibility to set User Breakpoint (formerly External Breakpoints) in ABAP backend to get into debugging mode while you invoking this code outside (e.g. via RFC or HTTP requests) of ABAP backend. Such a breakpoint is set on application server on which are you currently logged in. You will not get into debugger if your request is send to other application server in which you haven’t set break points. To obey this behavior SAP is providing transaction SRDEBUG where you can activate your User Breakpoint in all applications servers.

There is one more useful transaction called RSBREAKPOINTS via which you can manage your breakpoints. Basically this TA deals with tables: ABDBG_BPS (ABAP Debugger: Breakpoints), ABDBG_INFO (ABAP Debugger: Information on Breakpoints) and ICFATTRIB (Description of ICF Attributes (Trace/Debugging)).

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