Thursday, November 22, 2018

SAP HANA 2.0 express edition (HXE) administration - cheat sheet

I tried today an installation of HXE via preconfigured Virtual Machine image via VirtualBox.
I basically followed this video. Also there is a nice tutorial available with all the details.

For a reference I put here a brief reference of all the steps that are needed to make in order to setup the HXE. In case you are using preconfigured Virtual Machine there are few steps to be performed to configure HXE after importing of Open Virtual Appliance (OVA) file into hypervisor. 

I keep this mostly for me as a kind of cheat sheet :-)

1. first time logon:
user: hxeadm pwd: HXEHana1 (tmp pwd)
system prompts for the pwd change immediately

2. prompt for change of HANA DB master pwd

3. choose whether you use proxy server

4. wait till XSA config is done, this takes quite a significant time to complete, in my case approx. 40 min

5. find out IP address of the HXE server, by running command:
-> e.g.

6. add the IP address to host OS into host file like:         hxehost

7. XS Engine check: open HANA console in browser: http://hxehost:8090
it shall show wheatear XS Engine is running correctly

8. URL of API endpoint enter command:
xs login -u XSA_ADMIN -p "hana master DB pwd" -s SAP
-> see API endpoint: https://hxehost:39030

9. webIDE install check, via command:
xs apps | grep webide
-> see URL: https://hxehost:53075          user: XSA_DEV        pwd: master DB pwd

10. cockpit install check, via command:
xs apps | grep cockpit-admin-web-app
-> see URL: https://hxehost:51047          user: XSA_ADMIN    pwd: master DB pwd

While you trying out all different URLs (webIDE, cockpit, etc.) make sure you open new incognito/private) session in your web browser. Else you will run into an authorization issues as there are supposed to be used different users (XSA_ADMIN, XSA_DEV) for different services.

11. check status of HANA processes, use command:
HDB info

12. stopping HXE, use command:
HDB stop

13. starting HXE again, use command:
HDB start

14. restart of HXE, use command:
HDB stop 
HDB start

HDB restart

15. switch off virtual machine, use command:
sudo shutdown now

16. see information about version of HXE, use command:
HDB version

17. see information about HXE, use command:
HDB info

16. connecting to HXE with HANA Studio (eclipse):
First install plugins aa a new software in eclipse Help menu to Eclipse from site -> e.g. in case of Eclipse Photon version. Once plugins are present open new perspective called "SAP HANA Administrator Console". Choose "Add system" and enter info like: host name, instance number, single container, user and password. Afterwards the XSE system will appear in the Eclipse.

More information: