Tuesday, August 21, 2012


From time to time you can experience this error when you do search in TA RSA1. This happens because of inconsistency of between ABAP programs and DDIC elements. Usually solution is to regenerate such an programs.

One of the options is to use ABAP report TOUCHTAB. See detail in note: 162991 - Generation tools for ABAP programs where also other tools are mentioned: e.g. reports: RSGENDUMP, RSREGEN, ZRSGESUB TAs: SAMT, SGEN, etc.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

“Field System Alias for OBN” in settings of InfoObject

There is a field in InfoObject maintenance screen tab Business Explorer ->System Alias for OBN. I was curious what is this field useful for. I was not able to find any specific documentation for this field. However it looks like field has a relation to Object-Based Navigation (OBN) scenario. OBN functionality basically resides on SAP Portal

It is possible to do the navigation to object, returned by a business object operation that contains requested and relevant business information, according to the user role. As an example there is a source iView on SAP Portal for which OBN object operation is activated. Target of this navigation returned according user role by requesting information. In case target is InfoObject in BW system we need to maintain this system alias for OBN right away on this IO screen. 

Time characteristics as Rule Type in Transformations

For handling date/time characteristics in transformations there is a special rule time available: called Time Characteristics.


Using this we can easily derive e.g. month from calendar day:

More information about this useful functionality you can find at:

Monday, August 13, 2012

What is TA to maintain fields of Datasource?

This is quick tip on DataSource topic. From time to time we need to adjust settings of fields in datasource. Very common case (just to name one) is necessity to change some fields to be available for selection or set it as “Only Known in Exit”. 

In order to do so we go usually to TA RSO2 and we switch to Edit mode of datasource. However in this TA even we are in edit mode it is not possible to maintain above mentioned settings. Therefore there is another TA where we can do so. It is TA RSA6:

Friday, August 3, 2012

Accelerated CO-PA with SAP HANA

CO-PA Accelerator is a one of HANA accelerators which are basically tools for speeding up of existing e.g. ECC’s functionalities leveraging SAP HANA. In particular case of this accelerator CO-PA’s operating concern data is transferred to HANA database. Reporting on CO-PA data then is on HANA’s in-memory DB rather than to classic ECC’s relational DB.

CO-PA Accelerator comes with ECC’s version SAP ERP 6.0 SP21. Furthermore I detail customizing steps that are needed in order to enable integration of HANA with ECC’s CO-PA.
Customizing is available in TA SPRO-> Controlling -> Profitability Analyses -> Tools-> SAP HANA Integration -> Set up SAP HANA Integration:

See following SAP Notes for details: