Sunday, October 31, 2021

Picture in monitoring/scheduling part of RSA1

There is a possibility of adding a picture to monitoring/scheduling part of t-code RSA1. The picture that can be shown needs to be customized in table RSRADIOMON. The table holds data about user settings related to BW. A field that picture name goes is called - PICNAME (Image name for monitor/scheduler). The picture needs to be stored in table RSMIME. It attributes shall be stored in table RSMIMEATTR. Unfortunately, I cannot find any standard SAP functions to store ne pictures into these tables. However, simple ABAP report that stores any picture into these tables should not be a big thing to develop.

There is a bunch (41 pictures to be precise) of picture already stored in the system. Below I took few screenshots from the pictures available in the systems. I tried BW 74, 75 and BW4 1.0 and 2.0 in all these systems the pictures are all there. 

Moreover, there is other field PICSTRETCH in the table PICNAME that allows stretching the picture over full size of part of the GUI screen.








Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Storage data target type in BW Request Management

There are many new storage data types introduced in BW on HANA and even more in BW/4HANA based systems.

In the BW on HANA these are the storage data types that basically corresponds to standard DSO tables:

AQ      Activation Queue

CL      Change Log

AT      Active Table

AR      Archive


In the BW/4HANA many new were added:

AQ        Activation Queue or Inbound Table for DataStore                      /BIC/A<aDSO_tech_name>1

AX        Inbound Table (of Cold Storage)

AT        Active Table for DataStore                                                        /BIC/A<aDSO_tech_name>2

CL        Change Log for DataStore                                                         /BIC/A<aDSO_tech_name>3

RP        Reference Point Table

VT        Validity Table

AQAT    Inbound Table for Master Data Attributes

ATAT    Active Data Table for Master Data Attributes

CLAT    Change Log Table for Master Data Attributes

AQTE    Inbound Table for Master Data Texts

ATTE    Active Data Table for Master Data Texts

CLTE    Change Log Table for Master Data Texts

ATXA    Active Data Table for Master Data XXL Attributes

AQHI    Inbound Table for Hierarchies

ATHI     Active Data Table for Hierarchies

INCL     Active Data Table for SID Structure of Hierarchies

VR        View for Reporting for DataStore                                               /BIC/A<aDSO_tech_name>7

VE        View for Extraction from DataStore                                           /BIC/A<aDSO_tech_name>6

VX        View for external Access for DataStore                                      /BIC/A<aDSO_tech_name>8



Technically the data dictionary domain called RSPM_DTA_STORAGE holds these values.