Friday, February 23, 2018

How to find out SAP HANA version in various tools

More information about SAP HANA versions revisions can be found in this blog.

1. from SAP GUI:
1.1 Via menu System -> Status 

1.2 By running FM DB_DBRELINFO 

2. In SAP HANA Studio:
2.1 Right click on HANA system in Systems perspective and choose menu item Properties.
2.2 While in the Systems perspective select Configuration and Monitoring -> Open Administration. Version the information can be found under Overview tab.

3. From SQL console (console can be opened from System perspective by right clink on the particular system and choosing menu item “Open SQL Console”):
By entering following SQL statement:        select * from "SYS"."M_DATABASE";

4. Using command line (for command ninjas):
By executing a command:    HDB version

Useful links:

Monday, February 19, 2018

DTP can’t run via process chain

In event that particular DTP wasn’t finished and while it was in progress there was a BW system shout down (regardless planned or not) going on such the DTP may have issues while running it after the systems was restored back.

After the restart process chain that contains the DTP reports errors like these:

Object DTP DTP_xxxx not found                         Message No. RS_EXCEPTION111
Object INSTANTIATE_TEMPLATE  not found          Message No. RS_EXCEPTION111
Error in BW:                                                  Message No. RS_EXCEPTION105
Exception CX_RS_PROGRAM_ERROR logged         Message No. RSBK228
Could not repair last request (  )                       Message No. RSBK074

First error is very strange as the DTP is in the system. It is normally visible in RSA1/RSDTP t-codes. When you check the tables like RSBKDTP – the DTP entry has regular Active record there. Reactivation of the DTP doesn’t help either. Corresponding transformation is in active state too. Its check doesn’t report any issues. Entry in table RSTRAN is active for the transformation too. Reactivation of the transformation doesn’t help as well.
What needs to be done is just run the DTP standalone outside of PC. During such an attempt the BW system will ask to delete/repair previous run of the DTP that caused red load request in target. Once you confirm it shall be repaired – system asks whether it shall be done synchronously/asynchronously. After any of the two options is confirmed the DTP is successfully executed and data loaded.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Texts of hierarchies on top of InfoObjects

Normally a database table (ABAP world) in SAP can have its text table. The text table can be created in ABAP workbench t-code like SE11 and there in Goto menu I item called Text Table available. By this a text table will be created. The text data needed for main table is stored in the text table.

Similarly in BW world an InfoObject can have a text table. In t-code RSA1 -> InfoObject section there in tab called Master Data if “With Text” flag is ticked off. This creates a new table (e.g. in naming convention /BIC/T*, where * represents name of the IO).

Similarly in BW hierarchy’s world the texts are stored in table RSTHIERNODE. This is common table for all hierarchies available in particular BW system. By specifying value in field HIEID where a technical ID of hierarchy goes all three text texts (short, medium, long) can be lookup.

Dummy report for process chain decision processes

For decision processes within process chains (PC) there is sometimes needed a dummy step which the process ends in. Normally it is a dummy ABAP report can be created that has no code at all. For this a new Z* custom ABAP program can be created. But this is not necessary as there are already few ABAP programs w/o any codes.

One of such an example is ABAP_INTRO_DUMMY. So no need to create a new blank report just this one can be used.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Mass filtering in AfO - not equal to

There is a function in AfO (called as SAP BusinessObjects Analysis or SBOP ANALYSIS MS OFFICE) tool available to make entering multiple values for filtering easy and convenient. In case there are many of values to be filtered out it is not very convenient way to go by each and every value to select it in a list of all members. Instead user may have all the values already prepared either in clipboard or in separate text file. This can be described as putting mass values into the filter.
AfO offers in dialog box of “Filter by Members” function a possibility to paste the filter values from the clipboard or paste it from file.

In case values for the filters are supposed to be set as “not equal to” the values in the filter selections shall be entered with exclamation mark (!) in front of the value: e.g. !xxxxx

However pasting value like that either from the clipboard or from the file doesn’t work. There is an error displayed: iString parameter is null

Even this issue is not listed SAP’s wiki page of Known issues with Analysis Office there is supposed to be a fix provided in SAP Note: 2452938 - Selecting a date value raises a warning message.