Sunday, October 18, 2015

ABAP documentation related tcodes

Being ABAP developer I often need to look up syntax of particular ABAP statement. Similarly as in discussion here I think that coding itself as activity in any of programming language is “state of mind” thing and rest (like in which language is the code written or what syntax it has) is not that important. Therefore I really like features of ABAP IDE either in SAP GUI or in Eclipse which helps me with syntax. Using e.g. auto-completion tool helps me to focus on the code and not on what the syntax of any particular syntax is. Because as said already; the syntax is not that important.

Furthermore often I need to look up some more documentation about the ABAP statements. For this I use couple of t-codes that help me all the time:

ABAPDOCU     Display ABAP Documentation - display popup called “ABAP Keyword Documentation” where I can review documentation from different standpoints like ABAP Reference, ABAP − Release-Specific Changes, ABAP Programming Guidelines, ABAP Glossary, ABAP Index, ABAP Examples, ABAP syntax diagrams, etc.

ABAPHELP           Search ABAP Documentation – display small popup with search term field where it is possible to enter any ABAP keyword and to get an documentation for

ABAP_DOCU_SHOW Call ABAP Keyword Documentation – same as ABAPHELP

Performance: Function Module interface check

In case there is an integration scenario for which a function module (FM) is exposed to external applications an performance point of view is important to be considered. It may happen that the FM with complex interface occurs performance issues.
What is meant by complex interface? Basically if there are any complex or nested data types within IMPORT/EXPORT/CHANGING parameters of the FM.

Complex data types - are made up of other data types. A distinction is made here between structured types and table types.

Nested structures – are structures that in turn contain one or more other structures as components.

To identify the FM which may have performance problem you can use report RSRFCXC. The report should be used before exposing the FM. Output of the report is evaluation of every FM’s parameters whether it may have a problem and also how to correct it.

More information:
744664 - Checking RFC-compliant FMs for complex parameters