Friday, April 27, 2007

All-in-One (A1S) business suite

There are couples of rumors regarding new SAP’s product for middle size segment of enterprises it is pretty fresh and SAP is hiding its secret very well. Because of fact that about 65% of SAP’s customers are small and medium ones they are going to more focused on them.

SAP is targeting SME market with All-in-One (A1), aimed at the upper mid-market, with a deep industry and micro-vertical focus, and Business One (B1) aimed at the pool of small businesses.

Nowadays is SAP expanding its portfolio for small and middle size companies via new solution called A1S. SAP is being working for 3 years in development of this product. It is based on NetWeaver platform, web services, ESA architecture, SOA foundation, Web 2.0 with the intension to be act as on-demand platform for companies with limited resources but with high potential to grove. It would act as service when application will be hosted outside the company available as a monthly subscription fee. There would be possibility and flexibility to set up and test the software on their own before deciding to make a purchase - "try, run, and adapt" model.

Comparing A1 to A1S, A1S is an off-the-rack product which enables some customization while A1 is more hand-tailored product that allows many kinds of styles and flavors.

When we are gonna see it?

According the news from SAP they are demonstrated a beta version of product to select groups at the CeBIT 2007 trade show in Hanover, Germany. A1S, is currently being tested by around 150 customers worldwide. Ramp-up date is still not confirmed but it is expected around second half of 2007.