Thursday, September 30, 2010

Collection of materials related to SAP BW 7.3

SDN Blogs:
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New DSO activation logic: 
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LSA Data Flow Templates Series:
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III. Layering data & logic
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V. Tactical Scalability - Flow split usingsemantic partitioning
VI. Scalability – Flow split and infosources
VII. Scalability – infosourecs & single ERP source
VIII. Scalability – Entire data flow split
IX. Scalability – Data flow split using a pass thru Datastore object
X. Scalability & Data domains – Strategic semantic partitioning of entire BW (SPLIT)
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Upgrade to 7.3:
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Othet blogs:

-    Update 25/01/2012 –
See Features of SAP BW 7.3

Finally there is a list of RSADMIN table parameters

Have you ever wondered why there is no some collective SAP Note describing all the parameters available in system for RSADMIN table? For me it would be logical to have such a note. In some of SDN forum’s it is mentioned that was such a note but over the years it became internal and therefore not accessible for SAP’s customers and event no for partners. If you imagine that according google there are 364 pages on the internet referencing to this note it would be very appreciated by SAP community that this note would be is available again. Might be that after lobbing of BW folks in SDN forums people at SAP decided to release it back to customers. That happen precisely on 20th of August 2010 when version 25th of this note suddenly appeared on OSS

Ladies and gents here it comes:

912367 - Composite Note: RSADMIN Parameter

P.S.: Many thank to Colum Cronin to announce that at this SDN forum thread.

- Update 20/02/2016 -

Adding one more SAP Note related to parameters of RSADMIN table this time there are parameters related to BEx like Business Explorer Tools BEx Precalculation Server

1878949 - Collective Note: RSADMIN parameters

- Update 20/MAR/2022 –

For BW4/HANA based systems see SAP Note 2769125 (Composite Note: RSADMIN Parameter for SAP BW/4HANA) to get an overview on valid RSADMIN params.

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