Thursday, March 17, 2022

Switching Server/Host/Group popup on and off for scheduling of Process Chains

While using SAP BW system that is setup with more than one application server it is possible to leverage particular server (server group) to run a Process Chains. There is a dialog popup window allowing to specify either Server/Host/Group on which the Chain should run while scheduling the particular chain which looks like this:

This is pretty known information for skilled BW administrators. On top, this there is a possibility to customize whether the above mentioned popup should be displayed at all by the system. If it is not possible to use it then there is just an information message which informing that it is switched off for particular user – message RSMPC 218:

RSMPC 218    Popup to choose application server/host/group is switched off for user &

In order to enable it in a t-code RSBATCH there is a button located on “Background and Parallel Processes” tab called: “Switch Off F4 Popup for Server/Host/Group”.

The button bring below maintenance screen. Two cases can be setup in here. Either to:

1. Always show the popup: ALWAYSSERVERPOPUP        USER  USER_A

1. Never show the popup:    NOSERVERPOPUP               USER  USER_B

The respective data is then stored in a table RSBATCHADM.

Also a wild card (*) can be used so the table entry is valid for all the users in the system. E.g. USER*.

Technically evaluation whether the popup should be / not to be displayed is implemented by a Function Module RSBATCH_PROCESS_SERVER_POPUP that evaluated data in the table RSBATCHADM.

More information:

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