Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Do not want to run RSPC t-code as part or RSA1?

This is a quick hint is valid for Classic BW systems (not BW4/HANA based systems). As of BW version 7.4 RSPC t-code that serves for maintaining Process Chains start as a part of RSA1 t-code (Administrator Workbench - AWB). If one does not wish the RSPC to be a part of the RSA1 this default behavior can be disabled and the RSPC can run in standalone mode.

There is a RSADMIN table parameter that influences a starting behavior of the RSPC t-code. The param comes in two flavors:


Param                            Value           Meaning

RSPC_NO_AWB                X                  Valid for all user in the BW system.

RSPC_NO_AWB_user        X                 Valid for particular user in the BW system.


If the param is set in this way then the RSPC t-code won’t be embedded the RSA1 t-code anymore. The param is available starting in BW 7.4 systems SP 20 or by implementing SAP Note 2618764.


More information:

2618764 - P20; RSPC: Transaction RSPC starts as part of Admin Workbench

How to work with RSADMIN table

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