Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Web template adjustment is not working while running on portal (SAP EP)

If you change some attributes of web template in Web Application Designer for example no of row and columns displayed in report.

You might worry why those settings are not applied by system if you run your query from portal environment.

According the documentation:

http://help.sap.com/saphelp_nw70/helpdata/en/33/39fa40ee14f26fe10000000a1550b0/frameset.htm there is important property, BEx Web Application Query String, set automatically for the BEx Web Application Designer and the BEx Query Designer. You need to enter these properties manually in the Portal Content Studio:

Then you will be running the same web template on portal and with your raw URL query links.

Technical info on launching BI objects from SAP EP

Here some abstract form SAP documentation about technical implementation of running BI object (report, query or web application) via the Java / EP runtime that I have found on service.sap.com.

Technically a Launcher-iView (com.sap.ip.bi.bex) is being parameterized. For example if the object is a formatted report it is the parameter REPORT=xyz. That means technically a parameterized iView is executed (The portal navigation is per default not visible, only the iView directly in a browser window). You can save such an object directly in a portal role. Just create a BI iView, in our example the parameter REPORT=xyz has to be specified.The objects are also available via BI favorites or via the BI PFCG roles. Here the URL is being generated with placeholders similar to the ABAP runtime approach. Queries & Enterprise Reports are opened within a default template. The templates (for example the report default template 0REPORT_DEFAULT_TEMPLATE can be copied and modified according to your needs.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Changes in password rules in NW2004s

A lot of new features have been introduced with NetWeaver 2004s and its ABAP SAP Application Server 7.0. Finally password is case sensitive and may have from 8 to 40 characters in length. Huge bunch of new system profile parameter have been acquaint as well:









For details see following SAP notes:
862989 1023437 992855 968558 943505

Monday, July 2, 2007

Something about Support Packages

What SP or SPS is? It is a collection of software corrections (SAP Notes) consisting of the best combination of aligned support packages and patches for a certain release published on quarterly basis.

I was asked to find the newest level of Support Package (SP) for client’s SAP BW system. Since SAP introduced Support Package Stacks (SPS) this gets little bit difficult. While you click at

http://service.sap.com/bi -> Product Information SAP NetWeaver 7.0 - BI -> Support Packages ->
then you choose:
Support Package Stack Schedule

service.sap.com/sp-stacks -> Support Packages and Patches -> SAP Support Package Stacks -> SP Stack Information -> then follow main NetWeaver release e.g. SAP NetWeaver 7.0

You will get just the version of SPSs but not SPs. If you want to see SPs which may differ because SPSs is valid e.g. for whole SAP NetWeaver 2004s for particular component of it e.g. BI there can be higher version of SP. There is a nice page where you can directly find SPs which you are interested in:

Just replace with the component that you need e.g. SAPKW70013.

-      update on 02/01/2014 –

New valid links added.