Saturday, May 8, 2010

Problem with SAP NetWeaver? Use SAP’s PAG !

Recently I found very nice collection of useful tips how to solve particular problems within SAP software. It is provided directly by SAP and it is called Problem Analysis Guide (PAG). Basically it is a list of Problem Analysis scenarios (PAS). This includes all the activities and sequence’s of activities which needs to be performed in order to solve particular problem related to SAP NetWeaver installation. It does contain a list of tool supposed to be used in identification/solving of problems as well. More over description of problem behavior how it can be identified within system’s logs. Following areas are covered in PAG according SAP NW usage types:

·         Usage Type Application Server ABAP
·         Usage Type Application Server Java
·         Usage Type Enterprise Portal
·         Usage Type Mobile Infrastructure
·         Usage Type Business Intelligence
·         Usage Type Process Integration
·         Usage Type Development Infrastructure
·         Administration of Standalone Engines
·         General Administration: Security

In case of SAP NW BW there are documented possible problems within UD Connect and Business Planning – in particular BW-IP. Hope more content about BW topics will be covered soon.

PAG is available via online documentation site here.

What's new in SAP NW BW 7.0 across different EhP ?

Here comes another blog post as addition to previous one related to new functionalities of SAP NW BW per different SPS. As obvious first blog post was related to changes across Support Package Stack (SPS) and this one is related to EhP) for SAP NetWeaver (NW).kaho Enhancement Packahes garding SAP BW functionalities delivered by EhPs. So far (May 2010) there are two Enhancement Packages (EhP) for SAP NetWeaver (NW).


EhP 1 also known as SAP EhP 1 for SAP NW 7.0 (from BW point of view: SAP NW BW 7.01) was introduced around April 2008. Here’s its SDN homepage. Release restriction SAP Note here. For BW functionalities see here. For Online documentation see here.

EhP 2 also known as SAP EhP 2 for SAP NW 7.0 (from BW point of view: SAP NW BW 7.02) was introduced around April 2010. Here’s its SDN homepage. See SAP Note with enhancement here here. For BW functionalities see here. For Online documentation see here.

EhP 3 might be released in next two years – 2012?

- update 26/08/2012 – 

EHP 3 – Was introduces approximately around 10.2.2011. See online documentation of NW 7.0 here. What’s new from BW point of view see here. Release restriction note: 1557825

Complete SDN's page with overview of all EHPs for NW 7.0: here.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

SAP Business User software

SAP Business User is a term used by SAP as its 4th main product group along existing ones: NetWeaver, Business Suite, Business ByDesign. It was introduced around year 2007 as next generation set of applications gained by BOBJ acquisition. It refers to category software which covers needs of specific organization users out of ERP systems.

It has following categories:

1. EPM - Enterprise Performance Management: Business Planning Consolidation (BPC); Strategy Management; Profitability and Cost Management

2. GRC - Government, Risk and Compliance:  Risk Management; Process Control; Environment Health and Safety; Access Control; Global Trade Services

3. IDD - Information Discovery and Delivery: Reporting Dashboarding and Visualization; Advance Analytics; Query, Reporting and Analyses; Search and Navigation

4. IM - Information/Data Management: Data Integration; Master Data Management; Data Quality Management; Metadata Management

SAP sees huge potential out of this Business User software. They expects to get more then 50% of revenue. If you compare how much they get from ERP it is huge number.

Overview of particular products comprised in SAP Business User Stack:

1. EPM: BOBJ Cartesis, SAP BPC NW based, SAP BPC Microsoft based (OutlookSoft),
3. IDD: Crystal Reports, WebI, Pioneer/Voyager, Xcelsius, Explorer
4. IM: Data Integrator, Dat Services, Metadata Manager, SAP MDM, Data Insight

SAP Business User technical Environment:
In 2010 BWA will be released in an Open Environment called BOA – BusinessObjects Accelerated. This will allow BWA which is in-memory data warehouse to host SAP and non SAP data with access via Explorer. Moreover SAP is continuing with partnering some other database vendors in order bring more data into SAP BW platform. Those vendors includes: IBM with DB2 database, HP with tier NeoView, Microsoft with its SQL Server and Sharepoint plus Duet as joint product with SAP and Teradata. Further there are more companies cooperating in BWA in some ways: Dell and Cisco. There is an anticipation that SAP from long term perspective will fade out a need for traditional data warehousing platform by such an in-memory platform.

See all documentation related to Business User at