Thursday, March 31, 2022

BW on HANA - tables consistency check program

In SAP BW systems based on HANA DB there is a program to check a consistency of table properties with respect to BW application. The consistency check is often performed in cases of system migration (e.g. OS, hardware), system copies, restores. The program name is RSDU_TABLE_CONSISTENCY.

The program reads all tables residing in HANA DB and identifies those, which are BW relevant considering the program’s consistency check scenarios. So-called consistency check scenarios are present on the program’s selection screen. Inconsistency is found in case expected table property is not matching the reality. The program supports also repair mode along the detecting an issues.

Program RSDU_TABLE_CONSISTENCY is obsolete in BW/4 based systems as a part of simplification effort. The code of the program is not present. It can run but a message “Report not supported anymore. Please see SAP Note 2668225 (msg no: RSHDB 111)” is shown instead of the program execution. As the main object that carry the BW data persistency is in BW/4 an aDSO object the checks of the aDSO objects are now available in t-code RSOADSODTO.  


More information:

2569097 - How to use of report RSDU_TABLE_CONSISTENCY [VIDEO]

2668225 - Report RSDU_TABLE_CONSISTENCY is deprecated with SAP BW/4HANA

1937062 - Usage of RSDU_TABLE_CONSISTENCY - PDF doc

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