Sunday, March 20, 2022

BW4 - Parameters of RSADMIN table

Many BW’s functional parts can be influenced by parameters. BW has few tables that store those parameters. Most prominent among them is RSADMIN one. With the introduction of BW/4HANA a suite of new parameters were introduced in the RSADMIN table.


Some of the RSADMIN parameters valid for BW/4HANA are having a BW4 prefix. However, that can’t be an guiding rule to distinguish between parameters valid for BW4 and prior BW’s versions. Thus there is a wide range mix of the parameters introduced in older BW versions that are still valid for BW/4HANA based systems.

Below I just mention few most important params that I came across.


ADSO_NE__XYZ (2950922) if values is set to X a zero elimination during aDSO request activation is activated. XYZ stands for particular aDSO technical name. This is same as param ADSO_NULL_ELIM__XYZ (2931468) that is valid for BW 7.5 systems.


ADSO_MDC_MODE_FOR_BEXFL_NEVER (3024244) parameter to decide what master data check mode is to be used by default for an InfoObjects in aDSO if the source object is a classic DSO.


Overview of BW/4HANA’s RSADMIN table parameter can be found in SAP Note: 2769125 - Composite Note: RSADMIN Parameter for SAP BW/4HANA


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