Saturday, March 5, 2022

ABAP programs to copy BW objects

Similarly, to BW objects deletion program there are few more tools for different operations on the BW’s object. For a copy operation there are following ABAP programs available:

RS_COPY_TLOGO                  Copying and Deleting TLOGO Objects

RSO_COPY_TLOGO                Copying TLOGO Objects with References

RS_COPY_TLOGO – serves for purposing of copying a different types of BW objects between its Business Content Delivered (D) version to/from its Active (A) and modified (M) versions. For an overview of supported objects, see the program’s selection screen. It ca also delete the A, D or M versions of the selected objects. In addition, it can copy and delete texts associated with the objects. The operations executed by the report are is technically performed by a call of function module RSTLOGO_DELETE_TLOGO_MULTI_OBJ. The program it self is with the BW for a long time since the year 2003.

RSO_COPY_TLOGO – purpose is to copy BW (TLOGO) objects with its references. So called copy package is prepared that is executing the copy task. Within the package details like the objects names and objects types needs to be specified. The copy operation within the report is technically handled via ABAP class CL_RSO_COPY.

As always, use extreme cautions while working with those programs. Always test the scenario what do you need to achieve in sand box type of the WB system before you process for real.


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