Monday, May 11, 2015

BW 74: Master data maintenance: web based environment

This is one of the changes in BW 74 which is a bit controversial. Whereas occasional end user may like it hard core business users and BW administrators tent to dislike it. Issue is that complete screen for IO data maintenance was moved from SAP GUI screen to web environment. It is related to tcode “RSDMD - Master Data Maintenance w.Prev. Sel.” - which is not based in GUI anymore. Functionality is based on ABAP WebDynpro technology. The change is available in BW as of version 7.40 SP 05.

To enable web based MD maintenance following services must be active in tcode SICF:

URL of the web dynpro has following structure:

Old way:

New way:

While promoting the change SAP claims that new web dynpro based app is capable of maintaining very long characteristics which very introduced in BW 74. Like CHAVL (extension of RSCHAVL 60+ chars) and XL Texts. That is for sure very true. But how many customers have already start using longer values of IO? For most of them ti would be extremely useful to have possibility to choose which way they want to maintain their MD. There must be definitely possibility to let the user to choose either old way (before 74) or new way (74) shall be used when starting tcode RSDMD. However at present this possibility is not in place. There is something which SAP has to deliver soon or later. There are already a “hacks” available to get the old behavior back. One example is manipulating function module RSDMD_MDMT which is called by ABAP program RSDMD_MDMT_WITH_F4 (the program is behind the tcode RSDMD). By implementing this “hack” user can decide either old or new way will be used. There is only one downside within the hack. Which is that is a change of SAP standard code. While doing it; it may cause issues during next upgrade of the SAP BW system as SPAU/SPDD adjustment will be needed.

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