Wednesday, April 27, 2011

SAP HANA – composite post

As I started similarly with SAP BW 7.3 I try to collect all relevant information sources about in this case SAP HANA here. BTW: What’s HANA? In short it is in-memory solution from SAP. It stands for High-Performance Analytic Appliance and basically it is appliance (plus its software components) that can absorb large volumes of data (e.g. tera bytes) into its “operational” memory. The reason why it is so high performant is that all the data is in memory not stored in hard drives. It can be set up on top of SAP ERP or BW system (plus non SAP databases) without necessity to materialize data via transformations as in contrary to current DWH solutions. HANA bundles several components: in-memory computing engine, real-time replication service, data modeling and data services. As it is delivered as appliance it is depended currently on few vendors are supported: Fujitsu, HP, IBM.

Basically we can say that HANA successor of SAP NetWeaver BW Accelerator as moving forward into in-memory computing. Here HANA acts as persistence mechanism for SAP NetWeaver BW.

HANA components:

1. The core of HANA is called SAP In-Memory Computing Engine (IMCE or ICE, also called as NewDB or BAE). It is an engine kind of in memory database which uses row/column/object based database technology to store data. It is for parallel data processing using state-of-the art CPU possibilities.

2. HANA Studio (client app, or Studio Repository, Eclipse based editor connected to a HANA
Server backend) consists of:

    2.1 Administration console - administer and monitor database
    2.2 Information modeler - data modeling
    2.3 Lifecycle mngt - provides an HANA stack update using SAP Software Update Manager (SUM)

3. HANA Load Controller -resides in SAP HANA, coordinates the entire replication process: It starts the initial load of source system data to the IMDB in SAP HANA, and communicates with the Sybase Replication Server to coordinate the start of the delta replication

4. Host Agent -handles login authentication between source system and target system

5. Sybase Replication Server -accepts data from Replication Agent, distributes and applies this data to the target database using ECDA/ODBC for connectivity.

See complete typical HANA components: Implementing SAP HANA

Current versions:
SAP HANA 1.0 SP02 - as of 12th June 2011 in general availability

Operating system: //only following one:

64-bit SuSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 11 SP1 operating system

Upcoming version:
Nov 2011 - SAP starts rump up program for their customers to run BW on HANA as its database

Here’s list of relevant HANA information:
  • ·         SDN In-memory homepage
  • SAP In-memory Computing webpage
  • HANA commercial homepage
  • Documentation on
  • Documentation on CW
  • 1514967 - SAP HANA 1.0: Central Note
  • SAP HANA: Operational Concept (Note 1599888)
  • Search for Notes in following application components:
    • SAP In-Memory Database:
      • BC-DB-HDB HDB
      • BC-DB-HDB-DBA Database Administration for HDB
      • BC-DB-HDB-ENG SAP In-Memory Computing Engine
      • BC-DB-HDB-INS Installation HDB
      • BC-DB-HDB-MDX MDX Engine/Excel Client
      • BC-DB-HDB-PER Database Persistence for HDB
      • BC-DB-HDB-SYS Database Interface/DBMS for HDB
      • BC-DB-HDB-UPG Upgrade HDB
    • SAP HANA:
      • BC-HAN SAP High-Performance Analytic Appliance
      • BC-HAN-LOA Load Controler
      • BC-HAN-MOD SAP High-Performance Analytic Appliance Modeler
      • BC-HAN-REP Replication Server
      • BC-HAN-UPD HANA update tool
      • BC-HAN-UPD-UI User interface for HANA update tool
    • SAP BW related:
    • • BC-DB-HDB SAP In-Memory Database • BC-DB-HDB-ENG SAP in-memory computing engine
    • phrase: "If you use BW on a SAP HANA database"
    • keyword: "orange" //seems a lot of HANA related notes has this keyword// Project Orange is suppose to allow customers to run SAP NW BW on SAP HANA as database
    • keyword: NewDB



 Success (customer) stories: 
 Where to practice HANA? 
  • SAP Developer Center @ SDN: access to hosted HANA sandbox systems - currently beta version.
  • Get the project:  be lucky enough to get into customer who is running HANA project. Unfortunately there are still only few of them.
  • SAP Mentors: If you are a SAP Mentor then you have an access to SAP HANA Developer Access Beta program. It is an access to where are virtual machines/images with HANA software (HANA Editor).

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Funniest SAP notes ever 2

Better name of this post would be “isn’t this fail?”. But I leave this to consider it by reader. See following note: Note 1455155 - Code Scan comments

I’m really not quite sure what is this note about :-). There are 2 versions of this note however I cannot recognize neither any of them anything… Also notice a mix of German and English. I'm just wondering what quality assurance dept. is doing...

For first part of Funniest SAP notes ever see here.

SAP FTP servers

Might be that you have heard about it. Usually they are referred as sapservX servers. They are FTP server used to transfer files between customers and SAP. This is mainly for purposes of analyzing of customers issues. Here you as customer you can upload files with error description, traces, logs etc. Also SAP support can place some file for you as customer to fix some of your issues. X in sapservX represents the SAP FTP server accessible for you within the regions (in brackets physical location of server):

sapserv1: Internet via VPN
sapserv2:  no FTP access, only SNC saprouter
sapserv3: Europe and Africa (Walldorf)
sapserv4: America (San Francisco)
sapserv5: Japan (Tokyo)
sapserv6: Australia (Sydney)
sapserv7: Asia (Singapore)

For detail see following primary component on OSS:
XX-SER-NET-RCSC Remote Connection / Service Connection
Especially following notes as well:

Furthermore there is a public FTP server of SAP available as well. In contrary to all above mentioned sapservX servers this one server as anonymous access FTP. Here you can download some of SAP software that is available for free. Like SAP DB software, etc. Before miniSAP and SAP GUI was located here as well.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

SAP GUI overloaded

Today I somehow overloaded my SAP GUI :-) I was analyzing some data in SAP BW infocube. I extended no of returned records (in TA LISTCUBE) to some value of millions. And unfortunately cube had some many data… I didn’t realized how many records it attempted to download. Apparently there were many…

The only solution how to get out of this situation was to kill saplogon.exe process.