Tuesday, March 26, 2019

BPC add-in error: "wrong CSV Format"

Below error is pretty appearing quiet often while working with EPM add-in in MS Office. It is actually also tricky error as there may be a many things to consider that may cause this error.
Below I introduce few things that needs to be checked as they may have a root cause on this error.

1. Enhancing BPC master data info objects with new dimensions, new data in hierarchies etc. This is especially the case when errors like following can be found in BPC log:

2019-03-26 11:42:33,813|ERROR|Metadata|?.?||||||VSTA_Main| Member [ACCOUNT].[PARENTH13].[ALL ACCOUNTS] is attached to member [ACCOUNT].[PARENTH13].[1,,,,,,,,,,,] on hierarchy PARENTH13, but [ACCOUNT].[PARENTH13].[1,,,,,,,,,,,] doesn't exist# 2019-03-26

Solution: as per SAP Note 1709380, hierarchy first needs to be deleted, dimension processed, data added back to hierarchy and finally dimension to be processed again. 
If this does not help proceed with running of ABAP reports UJXO_CLEAN_DIM_CACHE and UJXO_CLEAN_TDH_DIM_CACHE according notes 2229878 and 2201768
Also, report UJA_REFRESH_DIM_CACHE needs to run for involved dimension as per Note 2269291
If this is specific to TDH dimension see Notes 2767117 and 2303454.

2. Transport related issues. In this case, there is entry in the BPC log corresponding to:

FPMXLClient.Connection.RESTConnection+HierarchyNode doesn't exist

It is caused by transport and according SAP Note 2085650 BPC dimension needs to be retransported.

3. Loading of data from flat files. See SAP Note 2411607 - "Wrong CSV Format" error or missing members in EPM client.

4. Inconsistency caused by /CPMB/A9* objects under 'unassigned nodes'. Proceed accordign Note 1927742.

5. Restore environment related issues. See Note 2162971 how to use report UJXO_CLEAN_DIM_CACHE to fix it.

Friday, March 15, 2019

How to find out who uploaded file to BPC server

EPM add-in of MS Excel offers functionality of uploading files to BPC server. These are so called Data Files of Data Manager functions. It enables to upload files from local user machine to BPC server. Uploaded files can be later used within BPC packages, transformations and so on. 

I was wondering whether there is no information about who uploaded particular file. Within e.g. Data Preview, function there is only information about when was the file modified for last time but no information who modified/uploaded it.

Luckily, there is a table available in BW backend, which holds this information. It is table UJF_DOC. While browsing for table in t-code like SE11 you need to provide environment ID first into APPSET field at selection screen; afterwards put a full path of file in Data Manager into field DOCNAME.

This will return you the user name in field LSTMOD USER that is not available on BPC’s popups in EPM add-in.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Managing settings of AfO

Settings or configuration of Analysis for Office (AfO) was done via adjusting an registry settings for AfO of version 1.x in a client machine. However, this was changed and as of version, 2.x the configuration of the AfO tool can be done via maintaining XML configuration files. There are the config files available for Administrator and regular user. There are 2 files available for each of user:

Files for administrator are located in folder: %PROGRAMDATA%\Sap\Cof

And for user in folder: %APPDATA%\Sap\Cof

Another way to access the settings is via Excel menu File -> Analysis -> Customize Analysis -> Technical Configuration.

More info:
2083067 - How to maintain settings for Analysis Office 2.x

Sunday, March 10, 2019

EPM-BPC error: Not possible to open report

Normally an EPM add in of MS Excel used as interface to BPC server needs to have a temporary folder with read/write access rights to properly work with the BPC reports. At first place this can be set in settings of the Excel under Save where is a property called “Default personal templates location”. However, in some organization users may not be allowed to change this setting.

In case the setting “Default personal templates location” that points to folder into which user has no write access then any attempt to open report/template/layout from BPC server does not succeed and BPC log (under EPM add-in menu More->Log) raises following message:

ERROR|FilesManagement|FPMXL.Client.OpenSaveServerManager.DownloadedFileFromServer|||||VSTA_Main|Access to path “...” is denied.#

Luckily, there is another option. The Location of default folder for save/open of local data can be changed via User Option in EPM add-in under Server Configuration there is a setting called “Default Folder for Local Open/Save”. Once this local settings point to any folder where write access is granted user it is possible to open report/template/layout from BPC server w/o any issues.