Wednesday, March 2, 2022

RS_DELETE_TLOGO program to delete BW objects

Normally BW developers use dedicated IDE to work with the BW’s objects. Whether in an old BW’s world it is SAP GUI’s t-code like RSA1 or in case of reporting BEx tools like Query Designer to delete the BE objects that re not needed anymore. Or in a new BW’s world, it is an SAP HANA Studio where the BW objects can be deleted. In case of the BW object there is a TLOGO term used that refers to transportable BW object type.

There may a situations popping up from time to time that may result in automating the deletion of not needed BW’s objects. To do that SAP is providing an ABAP program called RS_DELETE_TLOGO. Needless to say that as with any deletion it needs to be used with a great amount of a caution! What the program does is to delete BW objects not needed anymore. As an examples a scenarios of mass deletion can be covered with the program. Another example can be that as currently many customers are moving their BW’s deployment to BW4/HANA there is a necessity to delete old objects as well.

The program deletes an active (A) version of particular BW objects. If the objects that needs to be deleted was activated from the Business Content and a delivered (D) versions should be deleted then there is another program to be used: RS_DELETE_D_VERSION_FOR_TLOGO.

One thing to remember while working with those deletion programs is that sequence of objects deletion is important. It is important in order to be kept away from situations when it is not possible to delete some object due to its dependency. One of the way that can help to explore the object’s dependency is Transport Connection. Other way can be a various Where-Used functions for particular BW object.

Examples of some object’s dependency can be:

Process Chains cannot be deleted if objects used in them (DTPs, InfoPackages) are not deleted. Sequence would be, delete DTPs, InfoPackages prior the PC deletion.

Correction (Thanks to comment from a reader of the blog):

Particular objects like DTPs, InfoPackages included in the Process Chain cannot be deleted if the objects are used in them PC. Sequence would be delete the chain prior the DTPs, InfoPackages etc. deletion.

InfoSource or transfer structure must not be deleted before corresponding data sources are deleted. Otherwise it won’t be possible to delete the InfoSource/transfer structures.


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JG said...

you said: "Process Chains cannot be deleted if objects used in them (DTPs, InfoPackages) are not deleted. Sequence would be, delete DTPs, InfoPackages prior the PC deletion."

Isn't it the other way? DTP and IP cannot be deleted if they are used in PC?
I think the sequence is delete PC first and then DTP, transformation and BW objects.


Martin Maruskin said...

Thanks JG, it is corrected now.