Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Wait process for process chain - RSWAITSEC

In some cases, there is a need for a process chain to wait for something. Potential use cases can be that chain is checking whether some other objects reached some status, whether other BW objects was loaded or something similar. In addition, in case you need to debug the chain the wait process may come useful. During a period, the chain is in wait status you can catch its execution in SM66 t-code and debug it from there.

To implement the wait status in the chain there is a standard SAP program that enables it. It is called RSWAITSEC. On its selection screen, there is a field that allows specifying the wait time in seconds. Technically the program executes WAIT UP TO x SECONDS ABAP statement. Where x is a time in seconds. The program is then just incorporated to the process chain’s process type “Execute ABAP Program”.

Process type “Execute ABAP Program”:

Selection screen of the RSWAITSEC program:

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