Saturday, January 13, 2024

System does not let you log on using a password

In case user is getting a below message on attempt to logon to SAP NetWeaver/ABAP Platform based system:

This system does not let you log on using a password

Message no 00139


It means that password based logon to particular system was disabled. In such a case user has to use different authentication method to logon. There are following:

• Using password (conventional logon) – method that is not possible in this case

• Using an external security product (SNC)

• Using an X.509 browser certificate (intranet/Internet)

• Using a Workplace Single Sign-On (SSO) ticket


In case majority of the users in respective SAP system are using a different type of the authentication than password then it should be disabled. The disabling can be done system profile parameter called login/disable_password_logon.

The parameter’s default value is 0 that means the password-based logon is possible. Other allowed values are:

1 - Password logon only for users of the group specified by login/password_logon_usergroup

2 - Password logon is no longer possible in general

More information:

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