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SAP Business Warehouse 7.5

Update: a successor of BW 7.5 is being replaced by SAP BW/4HANA as it is not a legal successor of the BW rather it should be seen as a new product.

BW of version 7.5 was released 12.10.2015 and it is last release of the BW on any DB. By this version, the BW as classic one was discontinued. The product remains in maintenance mode as aligned with the maintenance strategy of NetWeaver 7.5 with end of mainstream maintenance set to 31.12.2027.

Below are enhancements delivered with the BW version 7.5:


·        All existing Planning Add-On´s based on SAP BW 7.40 are merged into SAP BW 7.50

·        Co-Existence of the Standard and the Embedded Planning Model

·        Planning application kit (PAK) feature completeness with BW-IP

·        PAK enablement of external Aggregation Level

·        Enhanced FOX productivity, usability and modularization

·        Enable InfoObjects as reference data

·        Access to InfoProvider of type DSO and planning on aDSO


·        Composite Provider (ComPro):

·        ComPro based on planning InfoCubes

·        Easy creation process

·        Conversion of existing MultiProviderand “old” ComPro

·        InfoArea Assignment

·        Semantic grouping of output structures


·        New SAP (HANA) Source System available

• New ability to leverage SAP HANA Smart Data Integration as provisioning technology

• Using SDI Adapter in SAP BW

• Simplified and unified source system connection to SDI, SDA and local HANA sources with the HANA Source system in BW


·        SAP HANA Smart Data Integration for SAP BW

·        Adding real-time streaming for various sources

·        Extends SAP HANA‘s Smart Data Access capabilities with new source adapters (Twitter, OData, File)

·        Supports direct access, (real time) replication and ETL for nearly any source

·        NLS support for aDSO with active tables*

·        Reporting value help (F4) can display posted values from near-line storage for aDSO

·        ComPro can use aDSO Objects with NLS in specific join scenarios

·        BW process type to create Database Statistics for NLS accesses (via Virtual Tables)


·        Transition to new BW on HANA objects (tool to transfer ComPro and aDSO):

·        Transfer existing data flows with traditional models into new BW on HANA optimized objects

·        Object copy (1:1, no data) of InfoCubes and DSO into aDSO

·        MultiProvider transfer/copy into ComPro

·        Generating copies of data flow objects, DTPs and Transformations

·        Collecting all necessary objects to rebuild the data flow downwards from a starting object


·        BW-Modeling Tools in Eclipse - BW Query Designer in Eclipse

·        Compatible with existing BExQueries –no migration/conversion required

·        Covers all BExQuery Designer functionality –plus extensions

·        HANA View Generation

·        Integrated Query Preview

·        New HANA Exit Variable via AMDP available

·        New Simplified formula editor (IF Operator)

·        Separate editor for Restricted Key Figures, Calculated Key Figures, Global Structures and Global Filters (feature complete with BW 7.5 SP1)


·        BW-Modeling Tools in Eclipse – InfoObject Maintenance in Eclipse

·        Covers all InfoObject functionality in a simplified maintenance

·        Support for INT8 Key Figures (overcome 2 billion limitation for integer values)

·        Enhanced Master Data Preview

·        Time characteristics as attributes for 0DATE, 0FISCPER, etc.

·        Disable Display Attributes in reference InfoObject


·        Automated generation of HANA Models

·        Enhancements for BW Queries

o   Support of Display Hierarchies (Pilot)

o   Availability of new HANA exit variable as AMDP

o   Support of IF THEN ELSE Formula Operator

o   Support of SAP Exit variables: 0CMONTH, 0CWEEK, 0CYEAR, 0CQUART, 0DAT

·        Enhancements for InfoObjects

o   BW Hierarchies are now includedfor the master data and master data provider

o   HANA view the XXL Attributes included in generated master data view

·        Enhancement for ComPro/aDSO

o   Usage of BW pruning information (meta data based) in generated views

o   Near-Line Storage access optimization for SAP IQ


·        UI5 based Monitoring

o   T-code BW4WEB - BW/4 COCKPIT


·        New settings for aDSO objects:

·        Extended non cumulative handling

·        Additional HANA Dynamic Tiering support for aDSO with Activation and Change Log set

·        Planning support for aDSO with “all characteristics are key, reporting on union” property set

·        Tool support for transfer existing objects to aDSO

·        Near-Line Storage support for various aDSO types


·        New settings for BW Search


·        New SAP Source System types on SAP BW on HANA (ODP Data Replication, Big Data or SAP HANA source system, File System (Manual Metadata, Data Using File Interface))


As of BW 7.5 SAP makes migration to SAP BW/4HANA easier as in this version customers can start with converting BW system to BW/4HANA as the system enables switched to several modes (compatibility/B4H/Ready for conversion). See more details about converting the BW to bw4han SAP BW/4HANA here.

The SAP BW 7.5 since SP16 enables a large number of SAC (SAP Analytics Cloud) features via the BW-live-connection. This makes this SP a "go-to release" for the best BW-SAC integration.


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