Wednesday, March 1, 2023

BW Background Job - Deletion of BW Messages/Parameters

BW background management provides basic functions for functions for managing background and parallel processes in the BW system. Collection of the background management plus logs and tools is what is BW data processing all about. Simply speaking it comprises of all the tasks that runs as the background jobs that are performing BW tasks like data loading, parallelization, indexing, filling aggregates, archiving, attribute change run, broadcasting, compression, data activation, rollups, remodeling, collecting statistics, logs, messages, etc. All the BW background management jobs are visible in t-code RSBATCH.

All these tasks running all the time in the BW systems are producing a great amount of logs and messages. The table that is used to store those logs and message is RSBATCHDATA. In order to prevent the table to grow a lot there is a job that can do a housekeeping activities. The job is usually called BI_DELETE_OLD_MSG_PARM_DTPTEMP and it runs the ABAP program RSBATCH_DEL_MSG_PARM_DTPTEMP. It deletes old messages, parameters and temporary DTP Data etc. On its selection screen, it is possible to specify the no of days as a retention period (delete all records older than X days, where X is from zero to 999) for messages, logs and DTP temporary data. It usually runs on daily basis.

The job can be scheduled from t-code RSBATCH -> under Settings and Parallel Processing part -> Deletion selection.

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