Thursday, March 30, 2023

No Routine (ROUT) objects in BW4 transport of transformations

You may notice that in BW4 based systems transporting of Transformation is simplified. In classic versions of BW there were usually objects like Routine included in the transport requests in case particular Transformation contained them. The objects (OBJECT = ROUT) represent either formula in transformation rules or Start/End/Expert Routine. Such transport requests look like below one:

Routine objects of the Transformations are stored in table RSTRANSTEPROUT (Rule Type: Routine). They still are there in the table in case of BW4 systems.

However, in BW/4 based systems there are no transport entries like that anymore. Reason is that, routines and formulas are embedded with transformation metadata. The table RSTRANSTEPROUT has a column CODE that contains all the code of a particular routine and formula. Because of that the ROUT object are not necessary anymore. This change is in place since SAP BW/HANA 1.0 SP04.


More information:

2548884 - Formula handling and transport related problems in BW/4HANA

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