Saturday, September 20, 2014

How to delete BWA index data

This can happen that we copy one BW system with BWA into the other one which has no BWA. In an event of such a copy we need to take care of BWA related settings. Basically we need to BW system know that there is no BWA available.

Enabling of BW backend to forget on BWA involves few steps:

Deletion of BWA indices: This can be done in TA RSDDB. Ensure that all indices are deleted also the ones of master data.

Deletion of Explorer (Polestar) indices: To be done in TA RSDDTPS.

Deletion of indices management tables: To be done by ABAP report RSDDTREX_ALL_INDEX_REBUILD with the following options checked: “Edit all indexes?” and “Only delete, No rebuild?”.

Deletion of BWA’s RFC connection in customizing: Done in customizing table RSADMINA. Delete value in field “HPA BW Accelerator [TREX_RFC_DEST]”. Accessible via TA RSCUSTA or TA RSA1 -> Settings -> Global settings.

Further info:
979609 - BWA 7.00: Move a BWA box from Test to Production Environment

1146983 - System copy and BIA server

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