Thursday, March 23, 2023

Watermarks of a BW data target object

Watermarks in BW can be considered as set of an internal counters (so called watermarks) of a technical information of the BW data target. Following are the BW data target objects that may have the watermarks: InfoCube, DataStore Object, Master Data Table and Text Table.

There is an ABAP program (RSPM_ADSO_WATERMARKS) in SAP BW systems that displays the aDSO watermarks like:

·        Number of all requests in aDSO

·        Number of nonactive requests in aDSO

·        Number of deleted requests in aDSO

·        TSN of lowest active request (AQ) in aDSO

·        TSN of high
est active request (AQ) in aDSO

·        AQ Status

·        TSN of lowest active request (AT) in aDSO

·        TSN of highest active request (AT) in aDSO

·        AT Status

·        Count

·        Count AT

·        Data in aDSO must be activated

·        Proc. Type

·        Process ID

·        Datamarted source TSN

·        Requests not datamarted

·        Delta information


The program gathers information from many tables like RSOADSO, RSPMREQUEST, RSMDATASTATE_DMO (DMO - DataMart Out), RSMDATASTATE_DMI (DMI - DataMart In) and others. For non BW4 optimized objects like classic infocube there is an function module RSSM_SHOW_WATERMARKS that gathers the watermarks for those objects. 

Selection screen of the report RSPM_ADSO_WATERMARKS:

Example output screen of the same report:

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