Friday, March 3, 2023

BW Background Job - Cleanup of orphaned DTIS entries

DTP may run in DTIS (Data Transfer Intermediate Storage) mode. That mode works in a way that extracted data is stored in in intermediate storage before they are updated to target.

The Intermediate Storage contains many records even though the corresponding DTP requests are already deleted or are in green status without any error. Thus the intermediate storage can grow up fast and it can be a problem while having many DTPs in the BW system running in that mode.

There is an ABAP program RSDTIS_CLEANUP that can run as a job to clean up the Intermediate Storage of DTIS DTPs that belong to deleted requests.

The report can run for specific DTP or for multiple DTPs that are identified either by source object (aDSO, DataSource, Query Element, InfoSOurce, Composite Provider or InfoObject) or by Unique DTIS Number. The Unique DTIS Number (RSDTIS_NUMBER) is a sequential number that belong to specific execution of and DTP in the DITS mode. All the Unique DTIS Number are stored in table RSDTIS.

More over there is a checkbox that enables a deletion of unused DTIS tables.

More information:

2708942 - Cleanup of orphaned DTIS entries

SAP BW DTIS - Data Transfer Intermediate Storage

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