Wednesday, March 6, 2013

What BW objects are enabled for archiving?

In BW there are some limitations in range of objects that are possible to be archived. Of course you have still possibility to choose if you prefer to delete data rather to archive it :-)

Speaking of archiving basically there are two basic concepts in place:

  • Archive Development Kit (ADK) – this is also available in ECC, TA SARA, typical scenario is for the data that is no longer needed by can be restored in case of some emergency analysis not on regular basis rather than very sporadic one, archived data remains but must on the storage
  • Near-line storage – in case you still need this data, data is removed from infoproviders but are still available for reporting in queries, no need to reload the data back to the cubes from near-line storage
  • Combination of both above mentioned

What are the BW objects that are possible to be archived?

  • Only one archiving object per data target can be defined
  • PSA data is possible to archive as of SAP NW BW 7.x
  • Master data is possible to archive as of SAP NW BW 7.x
  • SAP BW IDocs archiving is available since SAP BIW 2.x
  • Indexing is currently not supported. No indexes are created and maintained for the archiving objects and files in BI.
  • The deletion of the data from the data targets is not passed on to other data targets (data targets that are populated from the archived data targets - data marts).
  • The data is only deleted from the Active table (for DS Objects) and from the fact table(s) (for InfoCubes).
  • The extraction of archived data is only supported for BI extractors and for the Export DataSources of the archived data targets.
  • Only the ‘Full’ extraction method is supported for the extraction of data from the archive file.
  • There are currently no business contents objects available that are delivered with a pre-defined archiving object.

See more on BW data archiving topic in documentation.

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