Monday, September 5, 2022

Remodeling tools RSMONITOR and RSMRT


RSMRT (ABAP prg RSCNV_DESIGN) - Metadata Remodeling Toolbox

These two t-codes mentioned above are part of a BW remodeling framework. The remodeling is an operation during which an object (InfoObject) in BW InfoProvider (that contains data) structure are being changed. Imagine in BW Modeling Tools of SAP HANA Studio a change can be either some InfoObject is added or removed from the InfoProvider. After the change like this is performed the BW system checks whether the provider can be activated immediately or it has to be remodeled first. If the provider can’t be activated (most likely as there is a data in there) the remodeling request is created. There can be a several operations of adding/removing IOs upon the InfoProvider added into the request. By the InfoProvider here what is meant is aDSO object as that is main data storage object in BW/4HANA based BW systems.

Then the remodeling request can be triggered in t-code RSMONITOR. There is a possibility to restart, reset, monitor the request, to review its log etc.

If case the aDSO object is already moved in other subsequent systems (e.g. test, production) to the development system then a transport of the remodeled aDSO is needed. BW checks whether remodeling is needed in those systems and the required remodeling request is created in the target system. Needless to say that since BW/4HANA whole remodeling stuff is to be done in BW/4HANA Cockpit.

Similarly, to aDSO objects there are old good InfoObjects present in BW/4HANA systems. Sometimes there is a need to remodel those too. E.g. to add/remove its attributes, changing data types etc. However, the remodeling tool here is different. The IOs are remodeled in t-code RSMRT.

The two t-codes I briefly mentioned in this blog post are starting to appear in BW since version BW 7.4 and above.

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