Monday, February 17, 2020

Suppressing messages generated by BEx Queries

Update on 04JUL2022:

In case of BW4 systems there is no button called Messages available in a toolbar of the RSRT or in RSRT1 t-codes. However, same functionality is still available over the menu Environment -> Messages.

Original post:

BW (formerly BEx) queries are normally raising many messages either information, warning or errors. Sometimes some of them may confuse end users. Therefore, it might be useful to get them suppressed. There is a nice way how to do it via t-code
RSRT. The RSRT serves as the query monitor. The BW queries can be tested, checked, and managed. Many technical things can be setup for the queries like regeneration of the queries, checks or change the query properties, displaying technical information, monitor the query cache etc.
One of the RSRT features is to suppress messages of the BEx queries. There is a button called Messages available in the RSRT. Thru a screen available on that button one can determine which messages for the chosen query are not to be shown to the user in the front end.

On the left-hand part of screen area, there are listed message categories via them one can navigate between the messages. The catalogers includes the messages related to: Generation, Hierarchy, Variables, Key Figures, Calculate As, Other, Planning, Data Integrity etc. Further, on right hand side of the screen area there are particular messages listed. Each of them can by suppressed by ticking off corresponding check box. Moreover, on bottom part of the screen area a long text of the particular message that is highlighted is displayed.

If you need more sophisticated solution to suppress the messages, you may consider implementing exit/enhancement into the FM RRMS_MESSAGE_HANDLING that is handling all the messages for the BEx queries. Using this approach an customer specific logic related to the messages processing can be implemented or customer messages can be added.

In addition, in some specific cases you may need to call FM like RRMS_MESSAGE_OFF_RESET which enables the message display by resetting the suppression of the messages. This might be needed in case the messages are not popping up. There is also FM RRMS_MESSAGE_OFF available which suppressing the messages completely.

More information:

2007609 - Display Message in Variable Customer Exit doesn't Work for a BW Query

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