Sunday, July 16, 2017

What is TLOGO in SAP BW terms?

I mentioned the TLOGO term in my previous post. I just add short explanation of what it means. The TLOGO just represents different BW object types. TLOGO most likely refers to Transportable Object Type. To dig deeper to that, there are always two logical transport objects that represents the BW objects. There are the objects:

·        customer

·        delivery TLOGO object

The BW writes the TLOGO object as per the system settings to the transport request when transporting the particular object.

For more details see domain RSTLOGO in data dictionary.

The different TLOGOs can be also spotted in t-code RSA1 in Metadata Repository.

As of version BW 74 there are following different BW object types present:

CTRT   Currency Translation Type
UOMT  Quantity Conversion Type
AREA   InfoArea
APCO  Application
ROUT  Routine
RSFO  BW Formula
IOBJ    InfoObject
IOBC   InfoObject Catalog
ODSO  DataStore Object (classic)
ADSO  DataStore Object (advanced)
CUBE   InfoCube
AGGR  Aggregate
HYBR   HybridProvider
LPOA   Semantically Partitioned Object
ISET    InfoSet
COPR  Local CompositeProvider
ODPE  Operational Data Provider (ESH-Based)
FBPA   Open ODS View
MPRO  MultiProvider
HCPR   CompositeProvider
ALVL   Aggregation Level
DAPA  Data Archiving Process
ISTD   3.x InfoSource
ISCS   Communication Structure
TRCS   InfoSource
UPDR  Update Rules
LSYS   Source System
ISFS   3.x DataSource
RSDS  DataSource
INSP   Inspection Plan
ISMP   Transfer Rules
ISTS   Transfer Structure
DEST   Open Hub Destination
ELEM   Query Element
HAAP   SAP HANA Analysis Process
TRFN   Transformation
ISIP    InfoPackage
ISIG    InfoPackage Group
RASE   Reporting Agent Setting
RAPA   Reporting Agent Scheduling Package
RRCA  RRI InfoCube Receiver
RRQA  RRI Query Receiver
XLWB  Workbook
SPOK  InfoSpoke
EVEN   Event Processing Chain
DDAS  Data Access Service
RSPT   Process Chain Starter
RSPI   Interrupt Process
WWPA Web Design Time Parameter Metadata
WWIB  Web Design Time Item Metadata
QVIW  Query View
EREL   Enterprise Report: Reusable Element
ERPT   Enterprise Report
ITEM   Web Item (Format SAP BW 3.x)
BITM   BEx Web Item
TMPL   Web Template (Format SAP BW 3.x)
BTMP  BEx Web Template
KPDF   KPI Definition
KPCE   KPI Catalog Entry
BRSE   Broadcast Setting
ANMO  Mining Model
ANSO  Model Source
DMMO Data Model (currently not used)
ANPR  Analysis Process
ACGR  Role
CRWB  Crystal Report
AQBG  InfoSet Query User Group
AQSG  InfoSet
AQQU  InfoSet Query
DTPA   Data Transfer Process
PLST   Planning Function Type
PLSE   Planning Function
PLSQ   Planning Sequence
THEM  Theme
PLCR   Characteristic Relationships
THJT   Key Date of Type Derivation
DMOD Data Flow
RSPV   Process Variants
RSPC   Process Chain
PLDS   Data Slices
ENHO  Enhancement/Append
ASOB  Analytics Security Object (BI Analysis Authorization)
RRUL   Remodeling Rule
RDAC  Configuration for Real-Time Data Acqusition
APPS   Appplication Set (BPC - Transport)
BIXP   Conversion Object
XCLS   Xcelsius Dashboard
AAOE  Analysis Office Excel Workbook
AAOP  Analysis Office PowerPoint
TRPR   Operational Data Provider
AZAP   Analysis Application
ENVM  BPC Unified Environment
WKSP  BPC Workspace
BDAP  BPC Data Access Profile
AZEX   Design Studio Extension
AINX   Local Provider
AABC  AVA Global Setting
AADT  AVA Global Setting
AAPP   Model
AAPS   Environment
ABPC   Business Unit
ABRU  Business Rule
ACGA  Configuration
ACGP  Configuration
ACGS  BPC System Configuration
ACLB   Library
ACTR   Control
ADAF  Data Access Profile
ADEE   BPC Deletion Enttiy
ADEI   Deletion Item
ADEL   BPC Deletion
ADIM   Dimension
ADMC  Data Manager Data File
ADMD  Data Manager File Folder
ADMF  Data Manager File
ADML  Data Manager Package Link
ADMP  Data Manager Package
ADTG  Drill Through
AFLD   File Folder
AFLE   Files
AFLG   Business Unit
AFLC   Category
AJUT   Journal Template
AKPI   AVA KPI Setting
AMBR  Dimension member
AMPF  ToBeDeleted
ARTP   Templates
ASPD  Script Folder
ASPF   Script File
ASPR   Script Logic
ATEM  Team
ATPF   Task Profile

AWSS  Workstatus


Anonymous said...

Were DMOD object present during SAP BW 3.5 times? I would like to know when was DMOD introduced in SAP BW?

Martin Maruskin said...


I do not think that object R3TR DMOD Data Flow was there available in BE 3.x version.
Seems to be that this feature was introduced in BW 7.3 version.


Martin Maruskin said...

Just to add, as per SAP Release Notes the Data flows feature was added in Support Package Stack 01 (Start of Ramp-Up) of SAP NetWeaver 7.3:

Data Warehousing: Modeling