Thursday, April 11, 2013

Technical IOs for w-o DSO

There are many technical infoobjects in SAP BW. Basically they are not supposed to be used by BW developers while modeling the infoproviders. Instead they are needed to make BW functioning from technical perspective. 

Let’s take example of 0DATAPAKID IO. The IO is part of technical key in Write Optimized (w-o) DSO. Among this IO there are two more which combinations created technical key of w-o DSO:

Request GUID field (0REQUEST)
Data Record Number field (0RECORD)

The 0DATAPAKID or so called Data Package field is used to carry data package ID for particular record of data which is stored in the DSO. The package ID is calculated within the load to the DSO.

If you have very fresh BW system installation you may encounter following errors while loading the data:

Error in BW: error getting datapakid cob_pro
Message no. RS_EXCEPTION105
Error while extracting from source C9_MGATP (type DataStore)
Message no. RSBK242

Issue is caused by not active IO related to technical IOs in your system. In this case it was related to 0DATAPAKID. All that needs to be done is to activate the IO from business content.

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