Saturday, January 1, 2022

SAP’s joint ventures over years

Here’s a list of joint ventures companies that SAP has formed over the years. For a list of companies that SAP has acquired proceed here. For the list of companies that SAP has divested over the years, follow here.

04/2021SAP Fioneer – in partnership with investment company Dediq Gmbh. The JV company runs a dedicated Financial Services Industry (FSI) unit. 

1996 - Sapphire Ventures – started as investment arm of SAP under name SAP Ventures. In 2011 the company did a split from SAP and was also renamed. SAP still keeps it presence via co-financing their funds. E.g. in 2021 they contributed to a new Sapphire Ventures fund “SAPPHIRE Ventures Fund VI”.

More information:

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