Friday, January 28, 2022

SAP CAL and its solution types

SAP CAL (Cloud Appliance Library) enables a deploying of SAP solutions on hyperscalers. In other words it servers for a purposes of SAP system preparation to be running in cloud environment of hyperscaler of a customer's choice. Normally customers face challenges while preparing systems for cloud deployment. It is a very lengthy process that involves activities like: infrastructure setup, install IS, install DB for SAP system, install SAP system itself, Basis configuration of the SAP system, install Support Packages/patches on the SAP system, testing of the system, etc.

In case the customer is aiming for test drive of the SAP system, doing proof of concepts projects, custom development, demo systems for trainings etc such a lengthy process is not acceptable.

To save the time the CAL can be used instead. What the CAL offers is the SAP system that pre-configured and ready-to-use type of system in form of image that can be spin up in hyperscaler's cloud environment.

Currently there are 48+ solution available via the CAL. For ABAP developers there is also an offering of SAP ABAP Platform 1909, Developer Edition available. This can be an option for people who do not have laptops with 32+ GB of RAM to install the ABAP development system on their own hardware.


There are following types of solutions (aka charging models) available at the CAL:

Free solutions:

1 Educational solution (EDU): for educational purposes normally running for a length of course on e.g.,


2 Developer solution (DEV): length of usage depends of particular terms of conditions of developer agreement.


3 Free trial period solution (TRIAL): length of usage is free for certain period (e.g. 30days). After that free period, a subscription period needs to be unlocked.


Paid solutions:

4 Subscription period solution: usage length is driven by the subscription period that can be bought at SAP store. Customer must have own license for certain SAP solution.


5 SAP Model company (MC): Prepackaged system for a specific industry or line of business as an example how an digital transformation in specific industry can be achieved. See Notes: 2568464 - Master Note - SAP Model Company, 2516683 - Installation of Model Company Appliances.


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