Wednesday, January 26, 2022

BW4: Maintain a process chain variant in web

Normally in BW/4HANA based system, most of BW administration activities are performed in web environment. The BW4 has a REST API Framework that does that. The web administration environment is called SAP BW∕4HANA Cockpit (aka “BW Fiori Launchpad”) and it can be start from the SAP GUI via t-code BW4WEB.

SAP supports BW
admistrators to move from SAP GUI based administration to web administration. One of the places where this initiative can be notices is t-code RSPC1. In BW/4 based systems there is a new icon the t-code toolbar. The icon is associated with tooltip called “Show chain in web-UI (Shit+Ctrl+O)”.

Same function is available via menu: View -> Show Chain in Web-UI (Shift+Ctrl+0).

What it does is that it opens a new SAP GUI session with the SAP BW∕4HANA Cockpit’s page of particular PC – so called Process Chain Editor.

Technically the function is implemented by a call of FM RSPC_CHAIN_MAINTAIN_WEB in ABAP include LRSPC_FRONTENDI01. The FM first constructs an URL of REST API Framework by calling a Uniform Resource Identifier registry () and then rendering a web browser instance by creating an GUI container. There are two buttons available on this screen (called Display WebSite). One button is to open the same URL in separate session of the web browser.

Other button is to display URL of the PC administration web page in pop-up window. Technically the URL is the same that BW∕4HANA Cockpit uses.


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