Thursday, January 6, 2022

Action canceled. Not supported in BW4HANA edition.

While working in BW4/HANA based BW systems one can see below information/warnign/error message displayed.

Action canceled. Not supported in BW4HANA edition.

Message no. RSB4HANA001


The message with the technical ID RSB4HANA001 may appear in several occasions. When the BW system detects, a BW object that is not supported by BW4/HANA the message is shown. Just to name a few of the occasions:

1. on attempt to create an BW object in “old fashion” in BW/4. By old, it is meant a BW objects that are not supported in BW/4 any more.

From modelling objects perspective it is classic DSO, InfoCube, Hybrid Providers, PSA objects that are replaced by aDSO, then MultiProv and InfoSet are replaced by CompositeProviders, then InfoCubes type of Virtual by Open ODS Views.

From Source System type perspective DB Connect, UD Connect, SAP (BODS) Data Service, BAPI based were replaced by HANA Source System, then SAP ECC (e.g. SAPI based Extractors), BW source system and web services based system re replaced by ODP source system type.


2. in t-code RSPLAN on attempt to maintain 'Central Settings' / 'Characteristic Relationship' / 'Data Slice'. This function of the RSPLAN is replaced by BW Modeling tools in SAP HANA Studio. Better message to display would be “... can only be edited in the BW Modeling Tools in Eclipse” but that is another story. However, there is an workaround how to still use the RSPLAN instead of the SAP HANA Studio. Into a t-code field just enter NOHDB value and the RSPLAN will still work. No need to use the Studio in that case.


3. in t-code RSB4HTRF (Transfer of scenarios). The message is shown in case the BW/4HANA Starter Add-On is not installed in the system yet.


How technically the system is evaluating whether to throw this message? By a call of method GET_B4HANA_SWITCH in class CL_RS_B4HANA_UTIL. The method returns value of a “switch” (to what level the BW is already switched to BW4/HANA mode) that can be either 0 = Standard BW mode, 1 = Compatibility mode (prepare) or 2 = BW4/HANA mode (data type RSB4HANA_SWITCH). In case of returned value is different from 2 or 1 then the message is shown.

This post complements my other blog post that discuss ABAP programs/tools that are obsolete BW/4HANA.

More information:BW/4HANA obsolete tools

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