Wednesday, October 7, 2020

SAP’s divestments over years

As follow up on my other blog called SAP’s acquisitions over years I try to collects divestments of SAP too. There are not much information on this topic available on internet. Thus, my guess is that most of information will only be added in future when it will come to selling of assets.

07/2020 - Qualtrics IPO - approximately 20 months after its acquisition the Qualtrics is set to go public via preparing its IPO. On 28-Jan-2021 company went public on Nasdaq Global Select Market under the ticker symbol “XM”.

05/2020 - SAP Digital Interconnect - to be acquired by Sinch. The Digital Interconnect division was added into the SAP via to a company called Mobile 365 Inc., which Sybase acquired in 2006. The Sybase became part of SAP when the company bought Sybase in 2010.

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