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New BW Search in SAP BW on HANA or BW4/HANA

As of SAP BW 7.4 SP 08 there is a new BW search available. It is delivered via t-code RSOSM called as “BW Search on SAP HANA” and it is associated with ABAP program RSOSN_MAINTENANCE. Its purpose is to enable search within BW repository (TLOGO objects) and their relationships via where-used type of search.

On its overview screen the RSOSM t-code shows a status of the BW search. That means whether it is active. Button on the t-code toolbar called “Deactivate/Activate” can switch the search on and off. In addition, how many TLOGO objects types are maintained for the search. Furthermore, there are number of views shown that are indexed by the search: Total Number of Views, Metadata Views and Where-Used Views.


There are two more buttons on the t-code toolbar:

1 Search Metadata –ABAP program RSOSN_SEARCH, can be used to search within the data prepared by BW search.

2 Search Where Used –ABAP program RSOSN_WHEREUSED, same as above but it is used to search within where-used data.


Three buttons on bottom of t-code screen:

1 Configure BW Search – settings related to BW search itself are possible to be customized here. E.g. Settings related to buffer: Buffer disabling, Time Until Buffer Entry is Outdated (s), Maximum Number of Buffer Entries. Related to runtime settings: Store message of each run in application log, Store runtime information of each run. In addition, some more related to detail settings: Write overall data to shared buffer, etc.

2 Configure TLOGO Object – More BW’s TLOGO object types can be added for search from here. Notice that not all TLOGY types are supported by the BW Search.

3 Configure Association Type – enables associations between certain TLOGO types that use a generic store in order to store the usage of other objects. Example of associations type can be e.g. KEYF in ELEM = Basic Key Figures in Queries, CHAR in ELEM = Basic Characteristic in Queries etc.


As in BW4/HANA administration of the BW takes place in web environment, also the BW search is represented there. A tile called “BW Search is available in SAP BW∕4HANA Cockpit (aka “BW Fiori Launchpad”) that can be start from the SAP GUI via t-code BW4WEB. Furthermore within the FIORI app there are two tabs available: Search Objects and Search Where-Used which corresponds to two buttons available in the t-code RSOSM itself.


In BW system below BW4/HANA systems there is also t-code RSOS_SEARCH (ABAP program RSOS_TREX_SEARCH) that serves same purpose as button Search Metadata in RSOSM t-code.


More information:

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