Sunday, January 9, 2022

How to find out BPC version via URL

Today just a quick tip on BPC version. In case you have only access to web part of BPC – web access to BPC web client there is a way to find out what version the BPC server is running on. The way I am talking about is purely via running dedicated URL. In case the particular BPC system runs on UI5 see below URLs for the BPC version 10 and 11.


For BPC 11.x:


For BPC 10.x:


Just a side note as Adobe Flash is not deprecated it is no very likely that there are still no UI5 based (but flash) BPC system still ruining. However, in case you are still on older version e.g. BPC 8 the URL should look like below. Although I can’t test it as not having an access to such a system.


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