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SAP’s acquisitions over years

Below is a brief list of companies acquired by SAP over the years. I used publicly available data about these transactions. Those consists of like press releases of SAP when particular acquisition happened. The press releases are usually linked under MM/YYYY marks if the press release exited at the time of writing. Other data sources I used is SAP annual reports. For details see resources part below.

For SAP’s divestments see here.

06/2024WalkMe – provides Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) that helps users understand how to use an online application while offering contextual help on its interface. SAP will most likely integrate this software to their chatbots (e.g. Joule - SAP's AI Copilot).


09/2023LeanIX – provides an enterprise architecture management tool. It is used to manage business capabilities, application, technology and data catalogues and makes links between them. It is to help SAP with S/4 adoption via solution like RISE with SAP. It should complements the business transformation capabilities of SAP Signavio.


07/2022Askdata – its IP will become part of BTP (Business Technology Platform) platform for next generation solutions of lightweight analytics experience of SAC (SAC Analytics Cloud).


01/2022Taulia - a provider (fintech) of working capital management solutions. It provides an early payments type of solutions via supply chain finance, dynamic discounting and accounts receivable services. SAP acquired majority stake, while some previous investor’s stakes stay in a company.


01/2022Icertis – SAP financially invested to this provider of contract management solutions. SAP joined Icertis for a joint product road map and integration of Icertis Contract Intelligence (ICI) for SAP Ariba solutions and ICI for SAP Customer Experience solutions.


08/2021 SwoopTalent – provider of data management for talent systems. Its AI-powered platform used to combine, analyze and train data from disparate HR systems and workflows is supposed to be included in capabilities of SAP SuccessFactors solutions.


02/2021 appgyver – provider of no-code development platform. Another low/no code solution as addition to some of them that SAP has (MDK comes with Mobile Services, Ruum and Mendix (SAP is reseller) already. To be included in SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) and through that part of SAP RISE.


01/2021 Signavio – provider of Business Process Management (BPM) software for process discovery, analysis, and mining capability. It is a part of RISE with SAP package introduced in 01/2021. It is offering aiming to help companies with a move of their SAP deployments to cloud.


10/2020 Emarsys – provider of omnichannel customer engagement. Most likely this technology will be added into SAP S/4HANA and Experience Management technology (Qualtrics) solutions of SAP.


11/2018 Contextor – provider of robotic process automation (RPA). Most likely will be integrated to SAP's Leonardo machine learning process and overall process automation business to deliver “intelligent enterprise”.


11/2018 Qualtrics LLC – provider of experience management (XM) software. Product called XM Platform collects feedback and data across the four vital areas of a business – customers, employees, product and brand.


05/2018 Coresystems AG - provider of crowd service and field service management solutions for technicians. Will be part of SAP Service Cloud portfolio.


05/2018 Technology Management Associates (TMA) – SAP NS2 (SAP National Security Services Inc., independent U.S. subsidiary, offering SAP solutions with specialized levels of security and support to meet the requirements of U.S. national security and critical infrastructure customers) acquired intelligence IT firm that delivers collaborative Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance technologies and employee engineering services supporting critical national security programs.


01/2018 Callidus Software Inc - delivers cloud-based Lead to Money (Quote-to-Cash) solutions. Their cloud software in area of Lead to Money includes Sales Performance Management (SPM) and Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ). Most likely it will be integrated into something that SAP calls front office as part of CRM solutions.


01/2018 – provides so called conversational user experience  which is chatbot based technology to accelerate development of SAP Leonardo Machine Learning capabilities.


09/2017 Gigya – provider of Registration-as-a-Service, which addresses changing geographical privacy issues and manages compliance requirements such as the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It will be incorporated into SAP's Hybris marketing business, which offers so-called "ommichannel" integration that allows businesses to keep tabs on customers whether they shop in stores, online or on their phones.


12/2016 Abakus - a provider of solutions for cross-channel marketing measurement and optimization as cloud-based to boost SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud.


09/2016 Hipmunk - a provider of mobile travel search. It was added to Concur’s products for corporate customers.


09/2016 - developer of enterprise grade IoT (internet of Things) solutions ranging from smart equipment and transportation to smart cities and manufacturing. It will accelerate availability of IoT capabilities in SAP HANA Cloud Platform in areas of lifecycle management for IoT devices, broad device connectivity, IoT capabilities that work seamlessly with a cloud back end, end-to-end role-based security and rapid development tools for IoT applications.


08/2016 Altiscale Inc. - Big Data-as-a-service company specializing in Hadoop, Spark and other big data frameworks. SAP will probably use portfolio of this company for integrating HANA and Hadoop.


07/2016 Fedem Technology – provider of IoT solutions for oil and gas industry. Its technology will be used to build end-to-end IoT solutions in field of predictive maintenance space as well as various Industry 4.0 scenarios.


02/2016 MeLLmo Inc - Roambi – Roambi is set of applications that changes raw data into interactive graphics (data prettifier’) designed for mobile devices. SAP acquires key assets of Roambi to deliver innovations to enable users with easy-to-use analytics solutions that can retrieve relevant data anywhere, anytime.


10/2015 Multiposting - SaaS recruiting software providing automatic posting capabilities for job ads across thousands of job boards. Multiposting is now SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Posting.


10/2014 - Saicon Inc – SAP consulting recruitment company. No info on this acquisition can be found excerpt on SAP’s wiki page.


09/2014 Concur Technologies – Creator of popular app TripIt. Top cloud travel/expense management software vendor. For SAP it is another big push to cloud software.


08/2014 OpTier – was a provider of Application Performance Management (APM) solution which creates a single record from every customer interaction, regardless of channel or geography etc. The interaction records transcend technical and organizational siloes, and provide a single source of truth for how customers interact with your business.


05/2014 SeeWhy provider of cloud based behavioral marketing solutions. It will be added into hybris portfolio aiming 1-to-1 personalized marketing based on real-time customer behavior that converts customer interactions into sales.


03/2014 FieldGlass provider of solutions for procuring and managing contingent labor and services. These services will be part of SAP cloud services portfolio with possible redesign to be based on HANA platform.


Approx. 01/2014 KMS Onboarding – added to recruitment product offering of SAP SuccessFactors.


12/2013 GK Software provider of software solutions for the retail sector. SAP was granted 5.29% of shares. SAP is partnering with GK Software AG since 2009 in the retail field. GK Store Solutions is being sold by SAP. Data from devices used within a store (POS terminals, scales, mobiles, self-check-out, etc.) used in GK solution are integrated with SAP apps.


09/2013 KXEN provider of predictive analytics technology for line-of-business users and analysts. Their product will be included in SAP Predictive Analysis software and other HANA offerings.


06/2013 hybris - a Swiss e-commerce software company, most likely hybris products will replace SAP WCEM (Web Channel Experience Management).


03/2013 Camilion – Canada’s Ontario provider of solutions for insurance industry: product development, product life-cycle and underwriting. Most likely it will be included in SAP for Insurance industry solution portfolio.


02/2013 SmartOps - provider of inventory and service level optimization software. This would help SAP obtain 'real time supply chain' software programs that can help in propagating SAP HANA.


01/2013 Ticket-Web - company providing ticketing solutions and CRM software for sports and entertainment promoters. With regards to HANA SAP can do real time insight into fast changing behavior customer in field of sport/culture events. This may enable promoters to evaluate their tactics and offers better solutions.


05/2012 Ariba Inc. Another (after SuccessFactors) cloud computing based software this time in area of collaborative business commerce. Ariba very famous by providing solutions for indirect procurement/purchasing will add its portfolio to e.g. SAP’s cloud based SRM.


04/2012 Syclo - Provider of Mobile Asset Management and Field Service Solutions to extend SAP Mobile Platform.


01/2012 Datango – provider of software for creating multilingual documentation, classroom training presentations, e-learning materials and online help.


12/2011 SuccessFactors – provider of human capital management (HCM) cloud solutions. Running as subsidiary company. Gained portfolio for SAP Business ByDesign.


09/2011 Crossgate – enabler of B2B electronic data exchange.


09/2011 Right Hemisphere - 3-D Visualization Software-Maker.


01/2011 Software Security Products and Assets from SECUDE.


12/2010 Disclosure Management Solutions division from cundus AG.


05/2010 Sybase Inc. – provider of mobile and database solutions.


04/2010 Technidata AG – provider of Environment Heath and Safely (EHS) Industry Solution.


12/2009 SOALogix Inc. – US based company specialized in software business processes and application integration. Added to SAP PI (formerly XI) solution as part of NetWeaver.


09/2009 SAF Simulation, Analysis and Forecasting AG (SAF AG) specialized in ordering and forecasting software solutions for the retail, logistics, and industrial sectors.


06/2009 Highdeal S.A. - provider of real-time billing solutions for telecommunications.


05/2009 Clear Standards, Inc. - US Company specialized in software solutions for the management of carbon emissions.


05/2009 Sky Data Systems Inc., specialized in mobile CRM software solutions.


02/2009 CogHead, specialized in web-based service for building and hosting custom online database apps. It services are now part of OnDemand (formerly known as SAP River) Platform.


07/2008 Visiprise, Inc. - provider of business solutions for integrated manufacturing operations in companies. By that SAP delivers Perfect Plant strategy for discrete manufacturing customers.


02/2008 BusinessObjects – leader in Business Intelligence. SAP’s BI portfolio became really broad.

11/2007 Silk Europe - Silk was an Outlook-Soft reseller in the Netherlands and Belgium.


10/2007 Yasu Technologies, to improve business process management (BPM) capabilities of NetWeaver (SAP PI).


07/2007 MaXware - provider of identity management software.


05/2007 Wicom Communications Ltd. - provider of all-IP contact center and enterprise communications software.


05/2007 OutlookSoft Corporation - provider of integrated planning, budgeting, forecasting and consolidation software. Gaining market share within area of business performance management. Later SAP based SAP BPC (Business Planning and Consolidation) for Microsoft platform based on this product. Now it is below to SAP BusinessObjects portfolio.


02/2007 Pilot Software - company specializing in strategy management software. Improving portfolio of analytic applications.


12/2006 Factory Logic - Factory Logic provides Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) software. The software that automates production scheduling and synchronizes a factory's suppliers.


07/2006 Praxis Software Solutions Inc. - New capabilities for SAP Business One.


05/2006 Frictionless Commerce Inc. - on-demand supplier relationship management (SRM) software. Later became SAP Sourcing solution.


05/2006 Virsa Systems Inc. – entering GRC market introducing Virsa FireFighter product.


12/2005 Khimetrics Inc. - provider of software for retailers to analyze how to price and position items, optimize demand and deliver accurate profitability forecasts.


11/2005 Transact in Memory Inc. (TIM) – Company known for developing next-generation in-memory DBMS (known as P*TIME) engine. Originally South Korean company funded in 2000. Later in 2002 they moved to Silicon Valley. Once acquired by SAP it company was transformed to SAP’s Korean entity as SAP Labs Korea. P*TIME engine is one of foundations of SAP HANA. They contribute to SAP's HANA In-Memory DB (HANA) development.


09/2005 Triversity Inc. - provider of point-of-sale (POS) software solutions helps to improve SAP for Retail product.


06/2005 Lighthammer Software Development Corp. - supplier of enterprise manufacturing intelligence and collaborative manufacturing software. Now part of SAP xApps composite application on the SAP NetWeaver platform.


02/2005 DCS Quantum – a provider of vehicle dealer management systems. Solution to enable vehicle importers, distributors, dealer groups, and independent dealers to consolidate and improve sales and service processes and to achieve more effective collaboration. It was integrated into SAP's existing auto industry suite known as SAP Dealer Business Management.


01/2005 iLytix Systems AS – provider of reporting and budgeting tools. Now part of BI capabilities for Small and Midsize Businesses e.g. XL Reporter for SAP Business One (SBO).


07/2004 A2i Inc – to support SAP MDM solution. SAP’s own ABAP based MDM was replaced by acquired C++ solution under name SAP MDME. Later renamed as SAP NetWeaver MDM. In parallel SAP came with again ABAP based master data mntg solution called MDG.


MM/2004 Virtual Locality – software for wide area network (WAN) acceleration for enterprises, which makes it possible to transmit information quickly between remote sites.


01/2005 TomorrowNow (TN) Inc – the most troubled acquisition maybe in whole software industry ever. TN was provider of support and upgrade services for software of JD Edwards, PeopleSoft, Siebel etc.


12/2005 SAP Systems Integration AG (SAP SI) – Included into SAP Consulting division.


12/2003 SPM Technologies - IT architecture consulting company.


07/2003 DCW Software AG – added to SME portfolio.


MM/2003 Expression - developed a tool for sharing information in real time, called Real Time Collaboration, which facilitates file sharing between users, even if they are physically distant from one another.


12/2003 GUI Machine – it enabled visual creation of portal pages and iViews, later it was renamed to Visual Composer, a tool that makes it possible to create content on a portal without writing code lines manually.


03/2002 TopManage Financial Solutions Ltd. – Foundation of SAP Business One (SBO) product. Solutions for small enterprises (SME or SMB). Meanwhile it became SAP subsidiary called SAP Manage Ltd.


12/2001 Paynet International AG – acquired Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP) Consolidator software from Paynet International AG. Its invoice processing became part of mySAP Financials.


11/2001 COPA GmbH - IT consulting company in field of beverage. Their solution became mySAP Consumer Products for the Beverage Industry.


05/2001 IMHC – suite of applications and intellectual property related to health care industry from IDS (Infinite Data Structures) company. The suite called Integrated Managed Heath Care (IMHC) deals with customer relationship management (CRM) for pharmaceutical and medical product manufacturers.


03/2001 TopTier Software - created SAP Portals subsidiary. Portfolio became SAP  (NetWeaver) Enterprise Portal.


02/2001 Prescient Consulting - Consulting services company strengthened SAP consulting practice in USA.


05/2000 In-Q-My Technologies – JAVA server (In-Q-My Application Server) developed by this company became SAP Web Application Server (Web AS) JAVA.


MM/2000 OFEK-Tech - company specializing in Warehouse Management and Control. Acquisition helped to develop native support for radio frequency (RF) devices for the SAP ECC (R/3) Warehouse Management Module.


12/1997 Kiefer & Veittinger GmbH - sales force automation software company. SAP gained CRM solutions and consulting stuff (operated that time as SAP CRM Consulting GmbH). Moreover they got offshore development in capabilities located in Bangalore, India. The location known as K&V Lab became SAP Labs Bangalore.


MM/1998 - Campbell Software - a provider of workforce management (WFM) and personal time & attendance recording software.


MM/1998 - AMC Development - Call Center telephony integration software.


10/1997 – Commerce One – not acquisition, SAP just invested in E-commerce vendor. In their joint development Commerce One's procurement software (Enterprise Buyer Professional Edition) was supposed to be integrated R/3. During dot com bubble and its burst however relationship was terminated. Commerce One went bankrupt in 2004.


1994 DACOS Software GmbH – developed software solutions for retail industry like simulation and optimization of assortments, prices, and promotions for the retail industry. It becomes SAP Retail Solutions GmbH & Co.

1991 Steeb – became a daughter Company of SAP; later in 2007 specializing on SAP Business ByDesign - 2010 

1990 CAS – N/A - not possible to find more info on this acquisition.



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