Friday, March 19, 2021

BW/4HANA specific objects

In next generation of BW systems based on SAP BW/4HANA there are significant changes done with regards to the BW object types. The BW objects are simplified and only few of them are supported. So, what are classic BW object types that are not supported in BW/4HANA?


- MultiProviders are Composite Providers (object type HCPR) - tables like RSDCUBEMULTI and RSDICMULTIIOBJ are empty

- InfoSet (object ISET) are Composite Providers (object type HCPR) - table RSQISET is empty

- Cubes (object CUBE) are aDSOs (advanced DSO, object type ADSO) - table RSDCUBE is empty

- Classic DSO objects (object ODSO) are aDSOs (object type ADSO) - table RSDODSO is empty

- Virtual Providers (object flag RSDCUBE-CUBETYPE = V) are now Open ODS Views (object type FBPA, stored in table RSFBP) or BADI Providers - table RSDCUBE is empty

- Hybrid Providers (object flag RSDCUBE-CUBETYPE = H) are now aDSOs (object type ADSO) - table RSDCUBE is empty

- Transient Providers (InfoProvider that allows analysis on top of an application object like SAP Business Suite) are now Open ODS Views or BADI Providers (object type FBPA)

- PSA tables are now aDSOs (object type ADSO) - no tables like /BIC/B00* for PSA of DataDources, but Transfer Structure/Change Logs/Error Stack tables remain in BW4 systems

- No APD (object ANPR) are not supported - tables RSANT_PROCESS and RSANT_PROCESSR do not even exit

- InfoObject Catalogs (object IOBC) are now replaced by InfoAreas (object AREA) - tables RSDIOBC and RSDIOBCT having only values for NODESNOTCONNECTED IO catalogs like:

0CHANOTASSIGNED - Unassigned characteristics

0KYFNOTASSIGNED - Not assigned key figures

0TIMNOTASSIGNED - Not assigned time characteristics

0UNINOTASSIGNED - Not assigned units

 - Open Hub of types 3.x or "Third Party Tool" are not supported, OHs (object type DEST) that are supported (TAB, FILO, FILL) are still present in table RSBOHDEST and RSBDBTAB

- No 3.x InfoSource (object ISTD) present in the BW4 system anymore, as is it not supported - table RSISOSMAP is not present in the BW4 system anymore

 - No Communication Structure (object ISCS) present in the BW4 system anymore, as is it not supported - table RSKS is empty

 - InfoSource 7.x (object TRCS - Communication Structure for Transformation) is still available in table RSKSNEW


For classic BW object conversion, see Tools for migrating to SAP BW/4HANA (B4H)

BW/4HANA specific object types tables:

RSOADSO - DataStore Object (although table exits in the system starting from BW 7.4 version)

RSOHCPR – HANA Composite Provider

RSDHAMAP - HANA Analysis Processes



Typical look into table RSDCUBE in classic BW based system where the table has zero records would be pretty scary. However, in the BW/4HANA based system it is pretty normal :)


Ashutosh Dash said...


i have a requirement to find out all the reports within SAP BW which might be getting used in Power BI and Qlikview for reporting. Is there any way to find out the such queries from BW.

Martin Maruskin said...

There is no way how to get to know this in BW only. You can get a list of BEx/BW reports from table RSZCOMPDIR but whether they are consumed by MS Power BI or Qlikview etc you need to see at the side of particular reporting tool.
Few hints:
However in case e.g. Qlikview normally it consumes BW date by reading export DSO's objects. If that is the case at your system you need to see if there are DSOs like that in the system. Also normally there are specific BW users that are used as so called background users used by the reporting tools to run the BEx/BW queries. So perhaps you can see in BW statistic what users are using what queries. Then filter further by the background user specific to the particular reporting tool.

Tobias said...

Hi Martin,

InfoSources can be found in the table RSKSNEW.

Best regards,


Martin Maruskin said...

Thanks Tobias, I have updated that information in the blog.