Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Operational Data Provisioning (ODP)

You may encounter this topic while speaking of datasource which are or are not released for ODP. The release it self means either they are enabled to be used by tools like SAP Data Services (former SAP BusinessObjects Data Services (BODS)) (DS). ODP Data Replication API is used for internal connection of Data Services to application extractors. Interface is delivered with a NetWeaver Support Package. SP is specific for each of ECC’s component PI_BASIS.

Great benefit of ODP is that so far only BW could use business content datasources. While utilizing ODP all Business Suite extractor can be consumed without BW. Also there is no need for ABAP flows where data provided by extractor is processed while staging. This clearly indicates that one of data consumer is SAP HANA.

How to recognize if particular DS is released for ODP? Check table ROOSATTR. If the datasource (extractor) is marked as released in ROOSATTR (field EXPOSE_EXTERNAL = X), then ODP API will be used for extraction and multiple subscriptions should be possible.  If it is not marked as released in ROOSATTR, then you are not using ODP to do extractions and multiple subscriptions are not possible.

If you have developed your custom extractors and you would like to released them in this way you need to use ABAP report RODPS_OS_EXPOSE for that.

P.S: be careful while you upgrading your ECC via SP or EHP. It may happen that upgrade will release some of business content datasources as ODP. As consequence some of them may stop working. Therefore always check SMP for the latest fixes of such a issues.

More info on ODP topic:
1558737 - Data Sources released for ODP data replication API
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For other option DXC (Direct Extractor Connectioncomplement to ODP see here


Abhishek said...

Dear Sapper, great info. we are about to implement HANA and planning to use Extractors to read ECC data using BO DS, we want to do HANA modelling and expose it directly to reporting tools and avoid any BW artefacts of Cube/Provides. Other than using ODP is there any other option? DXC? Also, will ODP cover 80%+ of standard extraction need for FICO, MM, SD modules?


Martin Maruskin said...

Hi Abhishek,

From what I learned from sources like SCN other option complement to ODP is DXC. All others are data replication technologies for HANA: BODS (DS), SAP Landscape Transformation (SLT), Sybase Replication Server where you need another component in place e.g DS.

With respect Direct Extractor Connection (DXC) consider following features: DXC is ETL tool, no extra features. Data provided by DXC is presented to HANA's XS engine. Delta mechanism is done by HANA's IMDSO (In-Memory DataStore Object) with activation processing. If you need some data transformation you may want to put it to HANA therefore. It will be like recreating functionality of e.g. BW into HANA...

check out following sources: