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InfoCube Utilities

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InfoCube Utilities

Recently I found infocube related functionalities which are not so obvious within the standard transactions like RSA1. Within this blog post I’d like to share them to others. May it happen that someone benefit from it. One of them is mass copy cube a like function. This function usually every customer tries to do by self-creating some Z* report. And moreover there are other functions…

So how I found it? I needed to change an name space for one of my cubes and I was browsing to find out how to do that. I ran into the SAP Note 1708553 - InfoCube creation enforces BW application selection where I saw transaction RSDCUBEM mentioned. BTW there in the BW systems there are also transactions RSDCUBED and RSDCUBE. As they all point to same ABAP report SAPMRSD0 and screen 1000 I cannot really say what is the difference between them.

As I was exploring TA RSDCUBEM I found interesting items in menu Edit-> InfoCube Utilities->

From the pop-up following function are available:

1.    Make Copies – Allows copying one info cube to new ones with different names. You can specify start and end suffix of 2 characters for new infocubes names. Function is implemented by calling ABAP report RSDG_CUBE_COPY.

2.   Activate Infocubes – Enables mass activation of cubes per chosen cube type or cubes in particular InfoArea or selection. ABAP report RSDG_CUBE_ACTIVATE is behind this function.

3.    Delete Infocubes – This is mass deletion of infocubes per cube type or specified InfoArea or selection. Implemented via call of ABAP  report RSDG_CUBE_DELETE.

 4. Analyze Infocube – This is just a simple call of TA RSRV - Analysis and Repair of BW Objects.

5. Reorganize Texts – Within the call of report RSDG_CUBE_REORG_TEXTS another report is called RSDG_MPRO_REORG_TEXTS. Report is dealing with texts (table RSDCUBET) of cubes/MultiProviders and is trying to insert the text of e.g. business content objects if text is not present in its active version. At least that is my impression based on what I see in the report’s source code. I’m not really sure what this function would be useful for. If someone has experience with this report can you share it in comments?

6. Change Validity Slice – This function is useful while having non-cumulative key figures (like SAP ECC Inventory management) in cube. As per by standard behavior Validity period of stocks is determined by the oldest and the most recent material movement. If you need to display data in your report that lies further in past you can run this function to change the validity period. Function is implemented by calling ABAP report RSDG_CUBE_VALT_MODIFY.

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