Tuesday, October 31, 2023

BW/4HANA obsolete tools

In SAP BW4/HANA many tools that were present in earlier releases of BW became obsolete. This is has few reasons. Mostly it is because the BW/4 uses less objects comparing to classic BW. The BW/4 is simplified in many ways – see details about it here.

Below I tried to compile a list of the obsolete tools in BW4/HANA. This blog post complements my earlier post about t-codes that are obsolete in BW/4.


1. DB table consistency tool

Program RSDU_TABLE_CONSISTENCY is deprecated with SAP BW/4HANA, source code removed. See more information about the tool here.


2. aDSO tool for Activating/Repairing DataStore Objects

These are the ABAP programs that check and regenerates aDSO objects in the case of technical incompleteness or inconsistency of metadata without creating a transport.


RSDG_ADSO_ACTIVATE this to be used in BW/4

RSDG_ADSO_ACTIVATE only works in dialog only RSDG_ADSO_ACTIVATE_ALL works in background too.


3. InfoSet tool

Program RSQ_ISET_MASS_OPERATIONS doesn't exists in BW4


4. Tool to activate inactive communication structures

Program RS_COMSTRU_ACTIVATE_ALL does not exists in BW4


5. Tool to activate transfer structures for a source system

Program RS_TRANSTRU_ACTIVATE_ALL does not exists in BW4


6. Tool to activate inactive update rules

Program RSAU_UPDR_REACTIVATE_ALL does not exists in BW4


7. Print a list of InfoProviders available in system with their layout

Program SAP_INFOCUBE_DESIGNS – obsolete as FM RSD_CUBE_MULTI_GET_ONLY_DB reads from RSDCUBE table that is empty in BW/4


8. Undo of DSO conversion to SAP HANA-Optimized DataStore Object

Program RSDRI_RECONVERT_DATASTORE - obsolete on BW4 (ASSERT 1 = 0.)


9. Program for Mass activation of Non-Badi SPOs

Program RSDG_LPOA_ACTIVATE - obsolete on BW4 (ASSERT 1 = 0.)


10. Optimize Conversion of Standard Objects to SAP HANA

T-code RSMIGRHANADB or program RSDRI_CONVERT_CUBE_TO_INMEMORY - obsolete on BW4 (ASSERT 1 = 0.)


11. SAP HANA Partitioning of DataStore Objects

Program RSDU_WODSO_REPART_HDB - obsolete on BW4 (ASSERT 1 = 0.)

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