Monday, July 23, 2012

Not very known transaction codes for lists

There are few transaction codes not very known for processing of list outputs. Actually they are not real transaction codes but are user interface codes (sy-ucomm) instead.

First one is very helpful while you are in screen’s output where no standard System menu is available. If this menu is in place you have a choice to go via System->List->Save->Local file. In case when this System menu is not available you can simple enter %PC into transaction code field:

Afterwards you get pop-up where you can enter format of the file into which you want to save this particular output. So to sum it up you can you %PC to same any lists as local file.

Furthermore lists can be searched with another transaction field code %SC:

Again it is very helpful in case no standard icon of binocular is available in the toolbar of SAP GUI menu. Also continued search with can be achieved by transaction field code %SC+.


Few more command fields related to handling of SAP GUI sessions:

·        /n<t-code> terminates current transaction and calls other transaction indentified by its t-code


·        /o<t-code> opens a new session and starts transaction t-code in this session


·        /n                terminates the transaction


·        /nend          terminates all separate sessions and logs off (same as via menu "System -> Log off")


·        /nex            terminates all separate sessions and logs off immediately (without any warning)


·        /o0              opens a new session without starting a transaction in it


·        /o                lists existing sessions and allows deletion or opening of a new session


·        /i                 terminates current session (same as via menu "System -> End session")


·        /i1 , /i2 ,...   terminates the session with the specified number


·        .xyzw           to support menu navigation so called "Fast path", in situations in which it is not possible to navigate via mouse (faulty mouse device), where "xyzw" refers to the underlined letters in the menu


More command fields related batch input processing:

·        /n      terminates current background input t-code and closes it as "Failed"


·        /bdel deletes the current background input transaction


·        /bend terminates background input processing and sets the session to "Failed"


·        /bda  switches from "Display errors only" to "Process in foreground"


·        /bde  switches from "Process in foreground" to "Display errors only"

More information:

Resetting buffers: t-codes /$*

Starting up ABAP debugger

26171 - Possible entries in the command field ("OK code")


Клаус said...

Also nearly unknown are:
1) shift-ctrl-7 to jump into tcode-field
2) a dot to open menu-entries, for instance ".ys" opens menue > sYstem Status


Martin Maruskin said...

Hi Klaus, thanks for sharing. There are more interesting codes e.g. in application modules of ECC. One day I'll try to collect it.
Gruss, sapper

Vipin Borole said...

PDF! in the menu code and press enter the output preview will be converted into PDF